Migration to Pipedrive: Map Your Success With Powerful Capabilities

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Migration to Pipedrive: Map Your Success With Powerful Capabilities

If you're looking for a CRM that is quick to set up, easy to understand, and downright intuitive, Pipedrive fills the bill. It is a standalone sales CRM, with an emphasis on simplicity, intuitive interface, and easy to use functionality. Launched in 2010, the solution is loved by small and mid-sized companies. It continues prevailing as an effective sales pipeline management tool and helps to run profitable organizations as well as retain the high-level of customer trust and loyalty.

In fact, among the variety of CRM platforms on today’s market, Pipedrive stays competitive with other CRM leaders. The platform attracts the users with a range of features starting from employing the data-driven marketing and sales approaches to extending the analytics options. So, let’s dive deep into the world of advantages offered by this solution:

Simplicity to Use

Pipedrive is very easy to set up and understand because its dashboard design is instantly favorable, with the drag-and-drop functions that make it simple to keep the entire pipeline updated and organized. So, there aren’t any sub-menus to navigate through. With just a click, you can move a deal to the next stage through the pipeline.

Besides, its straightforward and useful integrations with other services Pipedrive is a great option for busy salespeople. Also, the visual nature of the CRM means you can take a quick glance of all your projects without the necessity of going through the long, complicated lists.

Essential Features

To run your business successfully, consider the following characteristics offered by Pipedrive:

  • The ability to choose a view that best suits your needs including pipeline, list, and timeline view. You can also switch between them quickly with one click.
  • With custom fields and pipeline stages, you can rename, add, and organize new phases in your workflow.
  • The Sales Reporting helps you to see the activity metrics for your sales team with every change.
  • The solution includes an ability to customize the particular features that are actually in need for your business.
  • Pipedrive lets to take your sales pipeline with you anywhere you go because of its mobile app. You can take notes during a meeting or make a call using this application. All data is also backed up in real time to a separate server.

Reasonable Price

When it comes to pricing, Pipedrive keeps it incredibly simple. You can easily get a subscription for $12 per user per month with no additional charges. There are no contracts, account limits, or hidden fees depending on the number of users you need. If you want to try the system out before buying, you can sign up for a 30-day trial without a credit card. The solution offers zero charges for phone and email support. Also, you should contact Pipedrive, if you require more that 50 accounts.

Reliability and Safety

Pipedrive utilizes secure connections, where all information is encrypted. The company data is usually backed up in real time to an entirely separate server. Furthermore, each organization’s data is stored in a different database that helps to minimize the risk of accidental leaks or any mix-up. With safe data, you can focus on other goals that matter most to the success of your organization such as acquiring new people and retaining the customers.

Add-on and Integration

Pipedrive integrates with many productivity tools that help you to collect leads, schedule important messages on your calendar, send marketing messages as well as save your important contacts. The system is designed to work with apps such as Google Apps, Google Drive, Yesware, MailChimp, Zapier, Quote Roller, Google Maps, Ecquire, daPulse, Support Bee and Active Campaign, etc. that makes it painless to perform most activities from one point without having to go elsewhere.

For example, the solution has 2-way synchronization with Google Contacts, so when you edit a contact from Pipedrive, it will sync with Google and vice versa. Furthermore, the software has an API available to automate and export tasks to work with 3rd party apps including the contacts manager. It opens up the opportunity to track the relationships through email and social networking channels. Also, by working with drag-and-drop HTML editor, you can send bulk emails using MailChimp.

Flawless Migration to Pipedrive

As you can see, Pipedrive gets an innovative interface and many cornerstone features that make it worthy of consideration. However, many companies afraid of moving from their existing CRM because they don’t want to deal with the scrupulous process of info transferring as well as any data loss. This issue has an explicit resolvent. With the automated service Trujay, you may accomplish your switch to Pipedrive in the brisk and secure manner. Moreover, the SaaS doesn’t expect any prior programming skills to operate with.

Get Prepared for Pipedrive Data Migration

Explore the following actions before performing the Pipedrive migration:

  • improve the quality of your data by eliminating outdated information
  • see the system in action by trying 30-days Pipedrive free version
  • get ready with a backup plan not to lose any important data
  • inform your employees about the changes and provide some training for better system adoption.

So, if you take all the tips above into consideration, your data import will be smooth and without any data damage.

Migrate Your Pipedrive in 5 Easy Steps

Now, when you are all ready for migration, let’s walk through the steps of Pipedrive switch:

Step 1. Go to app.trujay.com and sign up. Provide your name, email, password, and phone number. You can also log in by using your social network information.


Step 2.

Specify your current CRM URL, email, password or API Key.

Step 3.

Define your destination Pipedrive CRM and its API token.

Step 4.

Choose CRM modules you want to be migrated to Pipedrive and start your free demo transfer to make sure the service functions properly. It will migrate limited amount of items from each module you select. You can also use Trujay deduplication option that will help you to get rid of unnecessary information and keep only relevant data after the migration process. It works for such records as accounts and contacts.

Also, in case you need to migrate your data together with custom fields, notes, attachments, etc., you can request a custom demo migration. Our account manager will get in touch with you to discuss all details and assist throughout the transferring process.

Step 5.

Check the demo results and if you satisfied with the outcome, complete your Pipedrive migration.

Post-Migration Actions

After the process is complete, there are several things you have to check out for better system implementation and optimization:

  • discover if all the items migrated successfully and in the proper fields
  • integrate with mailboxes and third-party add-ons
  • fix up specific filters for your analytics
  • verify if your employees acquainted  the with basic instructions of the new system and ready to perform their tasks.

By and large, Pipedrive makes sure you never drop the ball because of the unique design and motivation to set or meet the goals. Its visual overview and reminders will always let you know whom you need to follow up with and when. So, what are you waiting for? Start your migration to Pipedrive by using Trujay. The service assures of the records privacy and excludes any interruptions of working processes with the existing CRM. In case you want to see the SaaS in action, try a free demo migration to Pipedrive right now!

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