Migration to PipelineDeals: Overstep Your Business Boundaries

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Migration to PipelineDeals: Overstep Your Business Boundaries

Changes, innovations, big data, CRM, demanding clients - all these terms that go hand in hand with strategy development and business performance. To succeed with revenue increase and nurturing harmonious, lasting customer relationships, vendors keep looking for a practical, efficient CRM solution. The industry is high-intensive and supplies numbers of various platforms. Thus, PipelineDeals is a cloud CRM that has developed its reputation of the game-changer in sales and customer management performance. Nearly for a decade this CRM helps to run profitable companies and retain the high-level of customer trust and loyalty. In fact, the solution is fully competitive with other CRM market leaders and attracts the attention of the growing audience of vendors. Then raises an obvious question - what are the benefits of migration to PipelineDeals? Let’s figure out together.

PipelineDeals: General CRM Overview

Generally, CRM deals with process facilitation, customer relationships management and improves teamwork inside the company. PipelineDeals handles the key issues and helps you to employ your strategy data-driven marketing and sales approaches, as well as extended analytics option. Let’s take a look at PipelineDeals from the 5 major aspects that play a leading role in the choice of a CRM solution:

1. Functionality of UI

The value of easy-to-use CRM interface is important for shortening a learning curve and speeding up the system adoption rate. PipelineDeals enables you with a comprehensive, user-friendly interface that doesn’t require heavy customizations just slight tailoring with drag-and-drop option.

2. Pricing Index

PipelineDeals comes with 2 plans with a flexible payment - monthly or annually.

  • Standard Plan - $24 user/month (monthly billing); $21,60 user/month (annually billing)
  • Accelerator Plan - $48 user/month (monthly billing); $43,20 user/month (annual billing)

Accelerator edition offers such extra practical functions as emails automation, trackable campaigns with templates and analytics, and 225 customizable fields. The affordable pricing is one of the factors that promotes the migration to PipelineDeals among startups and SMBs.

3. Standard Modules

Within PipelineDeals, you will have the following modules:

  • Companies for managing the relationships and transactions with organizations. You can create deals, tasks, and events for a specific company, as well as tie all contacts related to it.
  • Deals (in some CRMs this module named ‘Opportunities’) help you to keep track of all transactions, qualify their source and status, and monitor the performance of tasks and milestones.
  • People (this module includes contacts and leads) allows managing clients data. This module also provides such options as a person status (hot, warm, cold, follow-up, etc.) and person tags (decision maker, existing customer, partner, VIP, vendor). Both categories may be completed with your specific status and tags.
  • Agenda shows all the tasks and milestones your team has to manage. You can filter them, edit and comment.
  • The calendar provides the visibility of finished (or missed), existing and upcoming tasks and events.
  • Email is an automation and management of messages sending out. It also allows creating signature, templates, inserting the trackable links or documents, as well as schedule sending.
  • Reports include three aspects: a dashboard with various charts, activity reports with an option to comment on the task or event.
  • Documents can be uploaded and shared among the team.
  • Goals enable to create a plan for deals revenue, leads, completed tasks for a week/month/quarter.

4. Integration Options

PipelineDeals supplies you with the MailChimp and Google calendar and contacts integration; Outlook, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter synchronization.

5. Mobile Support

The solution supports mobile apps for iOS and Android without extra payment. As a practical CRM with useful tools for boosting sales and promoting data-driven decisions, PipelineDeals can improve your business strategy, as well as aid in managing win b2b and b2c transactions.

Migration to PipelineDeals: Tricks of Automated Switch

PipelineDeals draws a valuable plan for business improvement with the revenue increase. So many companies that have found themselves limited to their current CRM platforms look for a direct and practical mode to switch their data to the desired CRM solution. This issue has a beneficial and direct resolvement. With the automated service Trujay, you will accomplish your switch to PipelineDeals in an automated, secure manner. The web-based service helps you to overcome the blunders and hurdles of data transfer and enables hands-off switch of

  • contacts
  • accounts
  • opportunities
  • tasks
  • users

Moreover, SaaS guarantees records privacy and excludes any interruptions of business processes with the existing CRM. If you are still hesitant about the automated migration to PipelineDeals, take the advantage of the free Demo Migration and test Trujay in action.

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