Migration to Solve360: Practical Way to Architect Your Success

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Migration to Solve360: Practical Way to Architect Your Success

There are two main contributions that are vital to the business success. The first is the well-thought approaches to establishing harmonious relationships with customers. And the second one is the efficient and practical tools for project management. All of two these features are combined in Solve360 CRM solution. This is a platform with the practical and well-constructed options draws up the rapt and close attention of freelancers and business owners. Therefore, pay attention to the platform overview and learn how to provide your data migration to Solve360 effortless.

Solve360: Different Perspectives Outlook

As a representative of the cloud branch of CRM industry, Solve360 offers a blend of comprehensive software and effective tool package. The solution distributes its focus on the smooth customer data management for building fruitful collaboration with clients and enhances the heavy day-to-day tasks with the workflow feature. The platform was designed for the small teams and growing companies that prefer to advance their performance using the migration to Solve360.

Usability of the Platform

Usually, simply is more practical. Solve360 provides its users with an intuitive UI that streamlines the process of adoption and requires no extra time for training. The cloud solution supports such platforms as Linux, Mac, Windows along with Android and iPhone/iPad. Additionally, Solve360 enables you with the ability to select the interface language. Currently, it has a multi-language support (English, French, German, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.)

Cornerstone Features

To run your business successfully, you may use the following capabilities offered by Solve360

  • Templates or workflows, these are reusable sets of actions that allow performing day-to-day tasks automatedly. This tool will save your time and efforts, as well as help to avoid common mistakes.
  • Custom fields and category tags provide you with the ability to gather more details about your customers and, therefore, advanced segmentation and improve marketing performance. Also, this feature enhances the search for a certain record in your database. Solve360 delivers you a large scope for customization by force of Form Field Designer. This tool allows you to edit the default and create new standard or custom fields.
  • Email linking and sharing option interconnects the contacts with the correspondence history and projects. This tool enables the employees’ access to the specific records and preempts the appearance of duplicates.
  • Analytics of Solve360 offers the standard set of reports about the business processes flow and activities. There are 7 types of default reports

    1. next action assigned to

    2. calendar events with

    3. follow-up assigned to

    4. opportunity managed by

    5. activity changes for

    6. time tracking for

    7. action logged for
  • The solution enables you with the personalized reports via 3rd party add-on - Google Sheets.
  • Within Solve360, there are 2 types of users:
    1. user as an employee with core access to the company database, and
    2. guest as a client or sub-coordinator that has the right to review, modify or add comments to the records of
      a specific project

Integration as the Increased Functionality

System ability to synchronize with various 3rd parties add-ons plays an important role in the development of the effective business running. Solve360 vested in the success of your company and enabled you with the open API for integration with useful plugins. So, you can synchronize with Google contacts, calendar, and tasks, as well as employ Wufoo, Xero, Constant Contact, Zendesk, MailChimps and Webhook.

Migration to Solve360: Power Up Your Business

As you can see, Solve360 provides you with the practical and useful tools for improving your relationships with customers, offering better service quality and enhanced processes of data administration and company management in general. Apart from this convincing reasons, migration to Solve360 attracts with the comprehensive pricing policy. The solution requires no long term contracts and obligatory payment. The subscription starts from 4 users and costs $25 user/month without hidden or extra fees.

Secure and Well-Constructed Way of Data Migration

The point in favor of Solve360 are quite convincing, yet the CRM data switch causes some doubts. However, the digital world keeps moving forward and enables you with the option of the automated data transfer with a web-based service Trujay. The SaaS offers you a fast, accurate and secure way of migration to Solve360. There are no additional installations, human interactions or privacy violations. The solution guarantees the full uptime of your existing CRM platform. Besides, you can calculate the cost of your switch with the migration estimator tool.

To the End

Do you want to power up the business with Solve360?

Don’t harbor suspicions about the automated service, just put a bit of your real data into the platform with the help of the free Demo Migration to Solve360 and see Trujay in action.

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