Migration to SuiteCRM Guide: Curing the “Wrong CRM” Disease

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Migration to SuiteCRM Guide: Curing the “Wrong CRM” Disease

Very often, a CRM system is perceived to be the remedy for all client management headaches. In fact, that’s what it ideally aims to be - a tool to improve the sales performance, enhance customer service and facilitate various business processes, subsequently increasing ROI. After the companies finally implement CRM and the first wave of excitement wears off, they frequently discover that the system fails to fulfill their needs. Moreover, it may happen that an ill-suited platform, just like a wrong drug, will create more issues than it solves. If that sounds familiar, don’t give up on the idea of CRM implementation just yet, consider picking out a better fitting platform.

Symptoms of CRM Switch Necessity

Maybe you have discovered some limitations of your CRM solution that you didn’t know about from the start, or perhaps it was perfectly fine before, but with time your company just outgrew the platform - in any case sticking with the wrong system is not an option. Here are a few common signs that it’s time to say “goodbye” to your old CRM:

  • Outdated system - even if your platform still works fine, but it is more than 5 years old, there is a chance that it is missing quite a few modern, more advanced features.
  • Lack of cloud hosting option - if your current solution offers only on-premise hosting, you are most likely spending a lot of your valuable resources on running it and are missing on the round-the-clock access to the company database.
  • Insufficient reporting tools - accurate data analysis is a must in today's business environment, so if your CRM tool deprives you of such possibility, you should change it without any doubts.
  • Poor customer segmentation - one of the main advantages of CRM has increased personalization, if your system fails to provide this benefit due to lack of segmentation options, it simply defeats its purpose.  

If any of that sounds familiar, you should start thinking about CRM migration seriously, before the inapt system creates further issues.

SuiteCRM - a Platform to Help Keep Your Business Healthy

SuiteCRM is an open source solution, based on SugarCRM. The platform offers a rich feature set, yet is completely free of charge, which attracts many followers and makes it a truly worthy option to consider. Its functionality includes sales-force automation, advanced reporting tools, customer support, social CRM and marketing campaigns management.

Not less important, SuiteCRM is mobile responsive, giving you the opportunity to access your company data even on the go from any mobile device.  

Finally, this platform provides extensive customization options and can be adjusted to fit the need of the companies of all sizes and industries.

Note, though; that nothing is perfect and SuiteCRM also has a few drawbacks. Some of the platform's features, such as mobile app and phone support, are not free of charge. Take your time to test the system and consider your choice carefully not to fall into the trap of another unfitting solution.   

CRM Migration Means and Modes - Choose Your Treatment Method

If you have carefully examined all the pros and cons of CRM switch and came to the conclusion that migrating to a new platform will remedy your client management issues, take a look at these essential stages of data transfer.

  • Setup. Before starting the data relocation itself, it is necessary to optimize your database and inform the team about the upcoming changes. Make sure that you delete all duplicates and improve the quality of your records to simplify the switch. After that is done, don’t forget to create the backup, it will prevent the loss or damage of critical files.
  • Migration procedure. There are a few ways to perform the CRM switch. One thing you can do is try to copy all the data and import it into SuiteCRM manually. Such a procedure, however, can be quite cumbersome and time-consuming. Moreover, there is a high risk of human error associated with it. Another way is to use an automated web-based solution. It will simplify the task significantly and reduce the time needed to perform it. Finally, there is an option to use SuiteCRM migration service that offers to transfer the data from any database-driven CRM to SuiteCRM.
  • SuiteCRM adoption. Once all the records are transferred to SuiteCRM, you can start working on the data accuracy check up and customizing the platform. Some of the other things you may want to do include adding the company details, distributing user permissions, integrating the necessary apps, etc.

Remember, CRM migration is not a panacea; that will solve all your business problems. However, with proper preparation, strategy and team coaching it can uncover the new areas for your company development and facilitate various business processes. That’s why it is important to build a workable plan for CRM migration and set up clear goals for the future.

Learn why and how you should migrate to SuiteCRM.

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