Migration to Zoho CRM: Go into Overdrive with Automated Switch

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Migration to Zoho CRM: Go into Overdrive with Automated Switch

Business running is like a different universe with its peculiarities, difficulties, rules and a hard-bitten sense of dignity. Companies of all shapes and sizes aim to succeed and get their own part of a market, as much as build strong and lasting relationship with a targeted audience. The technology brought innovations along with hardships. Presently, business owners take the advantage of up-to-the-minute information about customers’ needs and changes of market tendencies. But the other side of the coin, the staff burns the midnight oil while beavering at never-ending piles of records. Due to Web, prospects are aware of a lot of facts and eager to communicate with the vendors. So, you should take into account this sufficient point while planning your new campaign.

Gradually, we come to the following conclusion that profitable business requires

  • effective features and tool set for enhancing sales and marketing performance
  • wise and dynamic planning
  • inside and outside communication
  • detailed and profound insights into customers’ needs

Migration to Zoho: First-Rate Alternative

It goes without saying that many companies wish to cut their expenses and increase revenue levels using CRM software. Zoho CRM gained its reputation of an effective and reliable ally at the business battlefield for wealth and innovative tools. The solution manages the secure and constantly updated database. It elaborates marketing campaigns and shortens the sales cycle as well. Due to cross-media observation, the CRM platform improves the speed and relevance of customer service.

Zoho CRM provides its users with a free version for startup organizations and can host up to 3 users. The platform provides four paid plans with various options that meet the needs of small businesses and large enterprises as well:

  • Standard ($12 user/month) facilitates the sales and marketing processes for SBMs
  • Professional ($20 user/month) optimizes and develops small enterprises performance
  • Enterprise ($35 user/month) is a real remedy for multi-level organizations
  • CRM Plus ($50 user/month) improves and offers unrivaled buying experience for customer-oriented companies

These are the principal reasons for migration to Zoho CRM. So, if you are considering about moving from your current CRM system to Zoho, the following tips will be useful for you to read.

Set the Stage for New CRM

Any migration process starts with the revision of your database and clients’ records, histories and other related documents. So, before you launch the data transference to a new CRM platform, you should make the following actions:

  • Look over your contact and account data and delete the duplicates or redundant profiles.
  • Order your company database and specify the information that is vital and essential for future business performance. The large records amount won’t bring revenue but definitely will cost a pretty penny during the migration.
  • Think twice about keeping all histories. The communication records a rather unnecessary while buying and problem case information that can be used in targeted campaigns planning and fast customer’s issue resolutions.
  • To be ready for any changes and obstacles, you’d better to backup your company’s data.

Automated Migration: Just the Ticket to Success

Being designed to expand the boundaries of CRM data switch, Trujay presents the fast, direct and secure migration to Zoho

Trujay is a web-based solution that provides you with quick and secure migration process for a reasonable cost. The price of your migration depends on the amount of your CRM data. The SaaS offers a Migration Estimator for calculating your migration to Zoho expenses.

Now you are aware of the peculiarities of automated CRM data switch, but still, stand on the side of doubts? Start your free Demo Migration to Zoho CRM and see how your hesitations dispel.

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