Mobile CRM: Respond to the Connected World Easily

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Mobile CRM: Respond to the Connected World Easily

The transition of users from desktop PCs to mobile devices is massive and universal. According to the statistics, the internet traffic coming from the mobile technology increased from 1% in 2009 to 13% in 2013. The official Google statements indicate that more than 50 % of search queries globally now come from mobile devices.

Mobile solutions are revolutionizing the relationships between the organizations and their customers. Since both clients and employees spend more time on their cell phones or tablets, mobile CRM is critical to unify these two groups and simplify their communication. Let’s investigate the importance of the platform and outline the primary strategic goals you can conquer with the solution.

5 Reasons Why You Need the Mobile CRM?

The mobile CRM is a platform that allows your staff to use mobile devices for recording, accessing, updating the clients’ information, as well as interacting with the prospects on the go. Besides, your organization and team members can benefit from the following advantages:

1. Access to Essential Information

Mobile CRM helps you get into up-to-date contact, account and product data. This provides the sales reps with an opportunity to plan and prepare for a call on location, as well as remind them to follow up the prospect when out of the office.

2. Improved Customer Experience

The mobile solution can enhance the client relationships by letting the staff respond faster to the prospects’ issues and concerns. The traditional CRM systems are useful while the employees are in the office. However, the communication between the potential customer and a rep can cease when the employee goes on the road. Your sales force and customer service should be able to interact in real time through the social networks, email, etc. Fast response times can lead to the successful client experience, as well as the increased sales.

3. Saved Staff Time

Besides improving the customer experience, the mobile CRM also enhances the employees’ performance. After making contact with the customers on the road, you can immediately log the interaction into the platform without a need to remember the update and wait for returning to the office. This approach eliminates the frustration of your team members and helps them focus on the productive activities.

4. Real Time Reports

Being the senior management, you can get the sales reports to track the company results while on the move. Besides, you are able to set up the alerts for the instant notifications about the closed or declined deal.

5. Enhanced Business Productivity

The Innoppl Technologies shows that 65% of the sales persons who have adopted mobile CRM met their sales quotas. Furthermore, only 22% of the reps achieved the same results while the access to this kind of software was unavailable. The studies indicated that mobile CRM helps the sales managers to spend time on interacting with clients and building the strong customer relationships instead of searching the clients’ information.

Must-Have Mobile CRM Features: What to Look for?

Since you want to get the same user experience on the mobile devices as you would obtain on the desktop, the effective CRM should help you:

  1. search, store, update and navigate in your database;
  2. call, send the email or SMS with a click, as well as record the information automatically into the platform;
  3. look at other employees’ calendars and place the meetings on the move;
  4. get control of your pipeline and update the sales forecast easily;
  5. create the new tasks, update or turn them off when you are finished;
  6. access the valuable prospect’s data within the context of a phone call;
  7. collaborate with other colleges for staying on the same page (e.g. Chatter usage);
  8. monitor the performance of the staff and status of their opportunities.  

Mobile CRM App: Who is the best?

Now, when you have got acquainted with the main advantages and functionality options of mobile CRM, check out the top-rated platforms and select the one that suits your business requirements:

  • Salesforce enables you with updating data and resolving the customers’ concerns on the go with the several clicks. Besides, the platform includes the Chatter Mobile to stay connected with prospects 24/7. The app helps you monitor the feed and track the up-to-date changes, instantly share the images or information, swiftly search for the contacts and text or call them right away.

  • SugarCRM Mobile helps you locate the information easily, as well as manage the sales, marketing, and support activities efficiently. You can enhance the business productivity by configuring the access according to the role and applying the custom actions to reflect the common ones. Furthermore, the platform offers you a possibility to customize the application’s interface implementing Sugar Mobile Application Configuration Service (MACS) for improving the user adoption.

  • Zoho CRM Mobile includes an opportunity to work in the offline mode to store, update, or delete the data that will be saved locally and synchronized with your online account when you connect to the network. The offers you to view the total hours logged weekly and monthly in a single screen, observe the notifications in the feeds, as well as approve or reject the requests.  

So, if you are interested to one of the above-mentioned platforms and ready to move your records to CRM with the efficient mobile features, it is recommended to find a right migration tool. One of the ways to decide whether the considered service complies with all requirements is to perform the trial import. An automated migration service Trujay offers you to observe the SaaS in action and launch a free Demo Migration. Furthermore, you can benefit from fields and modules mapping, security regulations and total uptime of both solutions during the data transfer.

Cutting to the Chase

Mobile platform offers you the multidimensional possibilities comprising social, local and CRM. Monitoring, collecting, storing and updating the customer information whenever you are in a real time can enhance your team performance, boost sale and build the strong customer relationships.

In case you want to learn more information about the mobile CRM, reach out our expert for the useful insights.

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