How to Move Zoho to SuiteCRM Automatedly [+Video]

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How to Move Zoho to SuiteCRM Automatedly [+Video]

If you learned about the newest invention of the scientists – a unique car engine that works merely on air and requires no gasoline or any other fuel for the car to ride, wouldn’t you want to use that engine there and then instead of keeping your good old traditional one? Even if changing your old engine presented particular difficulties? If your answer is “Yes”, then this post might be interesting for you. Of course, we’re not dealing with cars here, but the matter is clearly of the same nature – seeking and putting to use the CRM system that is more efficient and less resource consuming. Sounds very unreal? In fact, it’s right within your hand reach.

So, you’ve been working with Zoho CRM for quite a while already, and it suits you ok. No wonder – this is a decent full featured system that is pretty inexpensive and convenient, plus it’s one of the most widely used CRM software in the world. However, to start and continue using it, you need to pay a monthly fee. But we’re happy to let you know there’s an alternative.

SuiteCRM, a recent offspring of SugarCRM, has come to the stage and, though very young, poses a serious threat to its competitors. Based on the SugarCRM Professional and ver 6.5, it includes all the features of its parent system and much more – like orders, quotes, etc. It wouldn’t be so special if this wasn't for one reason – SuiteCRM offers free on-premise and affordable on-demand hosting.

So, migration from Zoho to SuiteCRM has its benefits:

  • This software is open-source, so it means constant updates from the community members and many extensions as opposed to Zoho.
  • This solution is very feature-rich, as it’s built upon one of the most widely used customer relationship systems in the world.
  • SuiteCRM has got a big community, which is active and eager to work for the sake of this open-source project.

All in all, it looks like migration from Zoho to SuiteCRM is definitely worth the trouble. Of course, if the concern will be present. Below, you’ll see the risk-free and easy way of migration to SuiteCRM. So, follow the guide.

Video Guide about Automated Zoho to SuiteCRM Migration

#1 Registration

Setting up your Zoho to SuiteCRM migration, go to and register your Trujay account.


#2 Point out Zoho Details

Select CRM platform type, then provide your Zoho access details (login and password).

#3 Specify SuiteCRM Details

Provide Suite URL, login and password.

#4 Run Demo Migration

Try the Demo to see how the whole process goes – it will move only 10 of your entities to SuiteCRM.

#5 Start Zoho to Suite Migration

If you’re delighted with the result – simply press the button to start your data move from Zoho to SuiteCRM.

So, Trujay migration service is here for you to help switch from Zoho to SuiteCRM without any special skills or copy-pasting. Just a few simple steps – and you’ll get all your data in a new CRM accurately and very fast.


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