MS Dynamics CRM to Insightly: Effortless Flight to New Business Headway [How To]

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MS Dynamics CRM to Insightly: Effortless Flight to New Business Headway [How To]


Today’s fast-paced changes of customer preferences have become a constant headache for the company running. The organizations keep searching for the technology that can let them increase the revenue and enhance the business processes with cost-efficiency maintenance. The CRM industry is no different: the competitiveness of the solutions induces the companies of the various shapes and sizes to look for the more advanced platform to boost the performance.

As a result, a number of businesses tend to migrate from the current CRM system to the desired one, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Insightly data import is not an exception. So, let’s explore the primary capabilities and price models of both platforms, as well as knuckle down the main steps the transfer.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Insightly: Investigating the Functionality

Both CRM systems offer the efficient features and configuration options, yet differ in some other aspects. Microsoft Dynamics CRM was launched in 2003 and Insightly has entered the CRM world in 2011. Besides, the first platform targets the companies of all sizes placing the focus on the enterprises. The former platform satisfies the small and mid-sized organizations. In this line of thought, consider a brief review of the platforms’ capabilities:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables you with a clean interface, however, has a steep learning curve due to a wide range of tools and features. You can you can view and manage tasks, cases, emails, and queues on the multi-stream dashboard. It includes a visual snapshot and helps you identify the key metrics related to the business and team accomplishments. The Report Wizard offers you to select the items you are interested in, then determine filters, and select the columns for the reports. The platform closely integrates with Microsoft Office apps and other 194 applications like Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc.
  • Insightly includes the flexible, intuitive and user-friendly interface. With effective linking ability, you can also create tasks milestones for projects. Moreover, Insightly facilitates your business with Advanced Reporting that helps you create, share, and schedule custom reports. Also, you can choose and filter the Insightly data in powerful ways to get the answers you need when you require them. The solution contains a possibility to build the custom reports and charts, as well as sends what you have to be aware of via scheduled reports and Smart Alerts. Insightly offers you 74 integration like Zapier, Xero, Workato and other add-ons.

Price Matter

MD CRM includes 3 paid subscriptions:

  • Professional – $50/user/month (for existing Office 365 Plan E3 or higher customers);
  • Professional – $65/user/month;
  • Sales Productivity – $85/user/month.

Insightly offers a free subscription for 2 users and 4 paid subscriptions:

  • Basic – $12/user/month/billed annually;
  • Plus – $29//user/month/billed annually;
  • Professional – $49/user/month/billed annually;
  • Enterprise – $99/user/month/billed annually.

As you can see, none of the solutions is better than other, rather fits the requirements of the different companies. In case you are the company that demands the robust functionality options and customization choices, then Microsoft Dynamics CRM is your way out. However, Insightly takes the upper hand in terms of simplicity and cost matter. Thus, if you are thinking of moving CRM data to the advanced, yet easy-to-use platform, you can consider the MS Dynamics CRM to Insightly data import.

How to Transfer Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Insightly Effortlessly

Before starting the data migration, it is suggested to clean out the database, announce your employees about upcoming CRM switch and choose the right migration tool. In this case, you can take advantage of the automated migration service Trujay. The SaaS guarantees the security compliance and excludes any business disruption. So, manage the import from MS Dynamics CRM to Insightly hands-off by following the next easy steps:

Step 1. Go to and register your Trujay account.


Step 2. Specify Microsoft Dynamics CRM access credentials: URL, email, and password.

Then, define the future Insightly API Token.

Step 3. Select the modules you want to move to the future CRM, map the fields and users, as well as run a test import.


Step 4. If you are satisfied with Demo outcomes, you can start the data import.

Final Takeaway

To conclude, MS Dynamics and Insightly are valuable software to boost your sales and enhance the client experience. Albeit, you should keep in mind that Insightly can comply the needs of small and medium companies that do not require the powerful toolkits. In this case, reveal new business opportunities right now and try a free Demo Migration from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Insightly.






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