What is OroCRM or What to Gain from it?

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What is OroCRM or What to Gain from it?

If your business involves communication with many clients, at some point you find it hard to keep everything in your head/notebook/computer, etc. – or just get tired from confusing customer’s name, the deal being discussed, email and other important stuff. This is a very basic description of the need that probably has become a reason to create the first client relationship management system (CRM). It has become a real savior for many sales agents, as well as marketers, support managers, etc. One of the widely-used CRMs is OroCRM which can be pointed out for its feature-rich possibilities. Therefore, let's have a closer look at this solution and explore its major opportunities.

Quite a young solution that has been founded in 2012, currently provides two editions: Enterprise and SaaS. Both versions are provided at the same price - $59 per user/month. OroCRM Enterprise is outthe on-premise offering, which allows clients to choose the hosting provider that suits you. With SaaS version, there is no need to worry about software hosting as it’s deployed in OroCRM environment.

OroCRM - First Steps of Its Being

Oro is a customer relationship management software fully targeted at e-Commerce. It was launched in 2012, and the first release 1.0 was in 2014. The platform has been founded by Jary Carter and Yoav Kutner who are also known as Magento co-founders. OroCRM is created using PHP5 and leveraging the Symfony2 Framework.

System Features

OroCRM offers all the needed functionalities for managing client's experience. It gives an opportunity to integrate with various e-Commerce software (like Magento) easily and get a full set of advantages. Here are some of other key features of the Oro suggests:

  • Advanced Search
  • REST and SOAP APIs
  • Users, Groups and Role Management with ACL
  • Flexible Entities with Dynamic Attributes
  • Data Audit and Grid
  • Auto-save

Now, let’s take a closer look at OroCRM as the tool for marketers. Using this system, you will be able to take a 360-degree view at clients across all company sales and marketing campaigns. Feature like customer segmentation offers business owners an opportunity to classify clients across different data sets.

OroCRM as an instrument for sales

can make client management effortless across multiple sales. This software offers you the following opportunities:

  • Clients management with maps;
  • Strong tracking solution (accounts, leads and contacts);
  • Calls and tasks tracking.

Oro as a tool for developers.

The software is open-source. “We believe the flexibility of Open Source is key to unique functionality creation.”  these words explains all Oro philosophy. So, everyone who is willing to be a part of OroCRM software can do it.

User Interface

OroCRM is considered to be one of the most simple and easy-to-use systems. Its UI is presented by the windows structure and navigation. Oro’s intuitive interface is created for e-?ommerce and multi-channel companies.

To Wrap It All Up

If you’ve made a final decision considering CRM system and searching the way to migrate your data directly to Oro. Trujay, automated migration service, performs your CRM switch with ease. Just setup absolutely free demo migration to Oro system with Trujay and take the new level of building company-customer bridges.

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