OroCRM to SuiteCRM Migration: Game-Planner of Far-Sighted Leader [+Video]

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OroCRM to SuiteCRM Migration: Game-Planner of Far-Sighted Leader [+Video]

Humans are full of various virtues; the competitive spirit is among them. Having the nature of leader, every business owner aims to be second to none in their area. However, using the old-school services and tools in running your company is equal to fighting a losing battle. The blistering pace of globalization doesn’t forgive slugginess. So, even well-thought scheme of development can go in reverse direction. Here comes to help CRM system which aims to cope with organization and management inside and outside the company as well as earn customer loyalty.

Huge feature set, sales, and marketing automation, extended reports and client segmentations are effective and convenient tools of advanced CRM software. OroCRM and SuiteCRM are of the same league. However, these platforms differ in one quite important aspect - the price. OroCRM offers wealth sets of options and abilities for $59 user/month. Having a huge range of opportunities and tools, SuiteCRM comes with a free downloading or affordable cloud hosting for $10 user/month.

So, migration from OroCRM to SuiteCRM seems to be a conscientious step for acquiring great featured system chargeless.

SuiteCRM: Rich Source of Opportunities

  • Keeping its focus on sales productivity, SuiteCRM enables with a powerful workflow that optimizes leads and tasks management. Quotes and invoicing allow to plan targeted offers and predict customer’s behavior.
  • Innovative marketing, requirement gathering, and detailed reports empower with meticulous campaign and project designing and forecasting the upcoming revenue.
  • Various extensions significantly broader the functional abilities of the platform.
  • SuiteCRM boasts its customer support options such as instant messenger, self-service portal and knowledge base.
  • System’s interface can’t be regarded as comprehensive. However, easy customization opportunities permit to make it suitable for client’s requirements.
  • Data integration provides monitoring task accomplishment and drawing up main points of agenda.
  • Striking a balance between customer personalization and privacy, SuiteCRM offers high data security level.
  • Responsiveness provides access and workflow controlling from every corner of the world.

Final Instructions

Persuasive aspects of SuiteCRM got your favorable response, but you remain perplexed about migration process? There is an unparalleled opportunity of fast and accurate data switch. You don’t delude yourself. Trujay is an automated online service that enables you to migrate your CRM data from OroCRM to SuiteCRM.

5 Steps of Complete Migration to SuiteCRM [Video]

Step 1. Register Your Trujay Account

Go to app.trujay.com and sign up.

Step 2. Provide Your Source CRM Details

Specify your OroCRM URL, type in your login and API Key. To find it, log in your OroCRM account, then go to “My user’’. Within the field, you’ll find API key.

Step 3. Specify Your SuiteCRM Details

Provide your SuiteCRM URL, select its type. Specify in your username and password.

Step 4. Choose Migration Option and Run Demo Migration

Select the modules you want to migrate (accounts, contacts, tasks, opportunities and leads) and run the Demo Migration to estimate the work of the service.

Step 5. Start Full OroCRM to SuiteCRM Migration

Click the button and start your data migration to your new SuiteCRM.

Still crossing into two minds? Don’t miss the lucky boat! Start your OroCRM to SuiteCRM migration now. Drive your competitors out of business with your effective and developed solution.

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