OroCRM to Zoho Migration: Keep the Business Spot [How-to Guide]

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OroCRM to Zoho Migration: Keep the Business Spot [How-to Guide]

Any business faces the inevitability of changes. Apart from smart goals, your company has to keep one step ahead of marketing changes and retain loyal customers with good service. CRM software facilitates the sales and marketing processes and data management. Despite the generation gap, OroCRM and Zoho CRM are strong competitors that may bring your business to new revenue and service highest. So, let’s compare the major opportunities for these solutions.

OroCRM vs. Zoho CRM: How to Get to the Top of the Success Ladder

Being a relatively new CRM platform, OroCRM has already gained its audience that admires the efficient and powerful tools. The software offers on-demand and on-premise hosting. Zoho is a reputable cloud counterpart with efficient and practical features and options. The CRM platform enhances business running since 1996.

Sales and Marketing: Hand and Glove

Apart from centralizing and updating of company’s data, OroCRM offers a lead management for increasing a number of your prospects. The sales pipeline enhances and tracks the sales performance through multiple channels. The solution provides you with a customer segmentation that improves the targeted offers and campaigns.

With Zoho automation features, you may create web-form for lead tracking and engage in your campaigns. The CRM platform helps you to keep a pulse on the real-time records and divides your prospects into groups according to territory criterion. Zoho emphasizes the email marketing and offers the opportunity to design personalized and specific messages for a particular class of your clients.

Customer and Employee in the Spotlight

The collaboration within the company has equal importance to communication with the prospects. OroCRM provides your staff with a role-based access to company’s data and allows to add tags with specific information about contact or account. You clients may use the knowledge base for self-education and self-service portal for communication. Your customer support can solve the prospect issues via a call center.

Zoho enhances the interaction between the departments using built-in document sharing. To keep your company’s data secure, you may set the access permissions to specific teams or separate workers. The platform empowers you with insights into social media that improve the customer service and preempt the most common questions. You may offer your clients a quick and reliable problems resolvement with the case management, phone and email support, as well as give them useful advice via knowledge base posts.

Price Issue

OroCRM offers a single price - $59 user/month - for on-premise and cloud versions. The edition requires annual contract and minimum 5 users. As well, there is an open-source edition.

Zoho provides its users with a free version for start-ups, and 4 plans with various feature sets that can meet the demands of any business. The CRM software deprives you of long-term contracts.

  • Standard ($12 user/month)
  • Professional ($20 user/month)
  • Enterprise ($35 user/month)
  • CRM Plus ($50 user/month)

Constructive Suggestion

If you came up with a decision that Zoho can accomplish your business objective, but full of doubts about migration? There is a beneficial opportunity to switch your CRM data from OroCRM to Zoho in an automated, fast and secure way with Trujay. This web-based service excludes extra installations and copy/pasting. The procedure requires only to fill in the fields of a migration wizard.

It’s better to see once than hear a hundred times. So, devote few minutes and watch this video-guidance of OroCRM to Zoho migration.

OroCRM to Zoho Migration: New CRM for a Flash

Step 1. Register Your Trujay Account

Go to  app.trujay.com and sign up. Provide your login and password.



Step 2. Specify Your Source CRM

Specify your OroCRM details: login and API key. To get it, log in your admin account.  Then go to ‘My User’ and copy and paste your API key into migration wizard.

Step 3. Provide Your Target CRM Details

Select Zoho from the drop-down list and provide your URL, email, and password.


Step 4. Choose Migration Options

Specify the modules (contacts, accounts, leads, tasks, and opportunities) you wish to migrate. You can switch all in once or only specified options. Launch your free Demo Migration. Trujay may switch up to 10 items of specified modules for you to see the service in progress.

Step 5. Start Full Migration

If you are satisfied with the Demo Migration, complete your OroCRM to Zoho Migration.

Your hesitation bears the cost, so move from a standstill and start your free Demo OroCRM to Zoho migration. Get your company on the road to success today.

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