Pipedrive to SugarCRM Migration: Make a Swift Move to Desired Success

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Pipedrive to SugarCRM Migration: Make a Swift Move to Desired Success

Pipedrive to SugarCRM Migration: Make a Swift Move to Desired Success


CRM platform is commonly nailed as the tool to increase the customer experiences, as well as move your company to the desired prosperity. Many businesses suffer the solutions that feel like a clunker, and they start searching for more advanced software. In case you encounter some of the next issues with your existing system, then it’s time to look for a game-changer CRM:


  • the current platform has an outdated interface
  • CRM is too complicated and makes data access challenge
  • solution fails in meeting the industry requirements and specific business goals
  • excessive, costly functionality rarely applied during the performance
  • the competition spurs to optimize business processes with advanced software


Today’s market enables you with numerous comprehensive platforms that may easily comply with specific objectives. So, data migration becomes an ordinary and necessary task as many companies tend to migrate to a different CRM. Let’s analyze the reasons of Pipedrive to SugarCRM transferring, and a fast and secure way to accomplish this process.



Pipedrive vs. SugarCRM: Selecting the Right Option


Pipedrive is a sales pipeline management solution that works great with the small organizations and provides simple, yet compelling features. The platform helps you monitor all the sales processes, and at the same time ensures that the most significant deals are not dropped. Furthermore, Pipedrive allows you to link files, notes, tasks, and deals to accounts and contacts. This enables you to increase sales and spend less time on the sales cycle.


If the organization is successfully evolving, and you require more configuration options, then the pick should fall for SugarCRM software. The platform is scalable and works great with businesses of various sizes. The solution helps you to manage the projects more efficiently by keeping track of the marketing and sales processes or client support through one portal. At this point, you can easily monitor tasks and define opportunities. Moreover, SugarCRM email integration lets you send letters to the customers within the system avoiding extra program usage or jumping between the two.


SugarCRM gets an advantage regarding the variety of features, as well as the configuration and automation choices. So, if you want to relocate your data from Pipedrive to SugarCRM, follow the steps to perform the swift and secure transferring.


How to Get Ready for the Transition?


Appropriate preparation and planning are critical for a successful migration process, consider the following actions before the switch:


  • clear up your database by eliminating unnecessary and redundant items
  • prepare a backup to exclude the possibility of any data loss
  • announce your staff about the upcoming changes for better user adoption after the transition.


The time spent on accomplishing these few actions above will definitely ease your further transferring.



Move from Pipedrive to SugarCRM with an Eye Blink


Trujay, an automated migration service, helps you to proceed in this task within 4 steps:


Step 1. Visit app.trujay.com and sign in.



Step 2. Select your existing CRM - Pipedrive, and provide an API token.

Then, choose your future SugarCRM from the drop-down box, and specify CRM details (URL, login, and password).

Step 3. Pick out the modules you want to transfer to SugarCRM by clicking on the corresponding boxes. You may also set up the mapping of the particular field. Choose the records, and press ‘Change Field Mapping’.

pipedrive to sugarcrm

Then, you need to check whether all the fields are mapped correctly. If some of them are not mapped, choose the available option for your new solution.

Then, start your free Demo Migration and see the service in action. Trujay  transfers the limited amount of records and relations between them.


Step 4. In case, you are satisfied with the Demo results, you can proceed with the migration to SugarCRM.

pipedrive to sugarcrm results

The SaaS will move all your information without the interruptions of any business processes.


What Actions to Take Afterwards?


Succeeding with the data transfer to desired SugarCRM, verify the results of the migration. Here is a shortlist of actions:


  • check out if all the records relocated successfully and stored in the proper fields
  • set up specific filters for analytics and workflow rules
  • set up the integration with mailboxes and third-party add-ons
  • equip your colleagues with tutorials and training along with the working process.





Chasing new possibilities is always challenging, yet exciting and beneficial at the same time. Take all the tips above and you will gain successful achievements without a doubt. Don’t hold on, try your free Demo Migration from Pipedrive to SugarCRM.


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