Pipedrive to Zoho CRM Data Import: Rise Your Business Advancement

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Pipedrive to Zoho CRM Data Import: Rise Your Business Advancement

A successful business strategy builds on the proper goals, customer-oriented tactics, and efficient software. Since the technology is constantly evolving, a number of organizations opt for importing CRM data to the more advanced platforms. The lack of the capabilities and the overinvestment in the solutions prompt some businesses to migrate from Pipedrive to Zoho CRM. So, it is time to explore the capabilities and costs of the both CRM systems, as well as find out the main steps of the transfer.

Pipedrive vs Zoho CRM: How the Solutions Can Get you Intrigued?

Pipedrive and Zoho went live in 2010 and 2006 accordingly, and work great with small and mid-sized businesses. Still, Zoho CRM can fit the enterprises as well. A big part of choosing the right one for your company rests in understanding the functionality and costs.

Pipedrive -  Essential Features

  • select a view that best suits your company demands including pipeline, list, and timeline view;
  • take advantage of the fields and pipeline stages. Also, you can rename, add, and organize new phases in your workflow;
  • use the sales reporting that enables you to see the activity metrics for your reps with every change;
  • customize the specific capabilities that are actually in need for your company;
  • take your sales pipeline with you anywhere you go with the help of a mobile app. So, take notes during the meeting or make calls on the go by using the application.

Zoho CRM - Main Capabilities

  • pull the information from databases, files, and third-party applications with Zoho reports. Build the reports with charts, pivot tables, and tabular view components, as well as create the individualized dashboards;
  • benefit from the inventory management and achieve the seamless integration between pre-sales and post-sales actions;
  • take advantage of the document sharing to simplify the collaboration between the employees.
  • use the task management to manage the projects efficiently, centralize the activities and improve the teamwork.

Price Concern


When it comes to pricing, Pipedrive offers the following subscriptions:

  • Silver – $10.00 user/month/billed annually;
  • Gold – $21.00 user/month/billed annually;
  • Platinum – $63.00 user/month/billed annually.

Zoho is considered an affordable platform compared to others, and offers the several editions:

  • Free for up to 10 users;
  • Standard - $12 user/month/billed annually;
  • Professional - $20 user/month/billed annually;
  • Enterprise - $35 user/month/billed annually;
  • Ultimate - $100 user/month/billed annually.

With all being said, you can notice that Zoho CRM gets advantage over Pipedrive in terms of the functionality options and subscription choices. As a result, some companies tend to move the CRM records from Pipedrive to Zoho CRM. In this case, you can choose an automated migration tool to perform the switch. In this case, Trujay is the one to consider due to the following benefits:

  1. total uptime of the current and future platforms during the CRM transition;
  2. guaranteed privacy of all information in your database;
  3. modules mapping to fit the business requirements;
  4. a free Demo Migration to explore the service in action.

Now, when your future  CRM and migration tool are selected, don’t forget to clean out your database from the necessary records, as well as inform your team about CRM data import from Piperive to Zoho CRM. Then, follow the migration steps:

Step 1. Go to app.trujay.com and sign up.


Step 2. Choose your future Pipedrive and fill out API Key.

After that, select Zoho CRM as destination software, specify URL, email, and password.

Step 3. Pick out the CRM items you want to switch, map the fields and users, as well as start your free Demo Migration to make sure the SaaS works properly.

Step 4. If you satisfied with Demo outcomes, you can proceed with the data import.

Last Thought

CRM data migration is a complex process that can require time, efforts and money. However, if you use an automated migration service Trujay, you can simplify the endeavors. Don’t hesitate, start free Demo from Pipedrive to Zoho CRM right now!

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