Pipedrive vs HubSpot CRM: Delve into the Differences

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Pipedrive vs HubSpot CRM: Delve into the Differences

For many companies taking the next step to a new CRM system can revolutionize it, helping to become more effective, joined up and eventually boost sales. However, when do you know it’s time to make a fresh investment and how to choose the right software.

Lately, some companies complain about the complexity of their CRM systems and feel the overinvestment on the functionality they hardly use. As a result, the organizations tend to move the CRM records to simple-to-use and affordable solutions like Pipedrive and HubSpot CRM. So, let’s take a look at both platforms, compare their capabilities and help you make a suitable choice to fit your business requirements.

Pipedrive vs HubSpot CRM: Brief Overviews

Being designed for the companies of small and mid-sized companies, the solutions enable you with managing contacts, organizing projects, tracking team performance and sales pipeline, etc. To be more specific, you can take advantage of the next features:

Pipedrive - Get Your Sales Organized

  • pipeline management provides you with total visibility  into your pipeline, allows to easily find the stats you need, as well as fully customizable at all levels;
  • activities and goals offers you to focus on the details, come with fully customizable activity types and include built-in reminders and notifications;
  • email integration offers you to receive the emails inside Pipedrive to obtain all communications in a single place, comprises full email sync and temples;
  • sales reporting lets you track and test the sales process and understand the pipeline metrics, as well as shows your sales split by product;
  • integration options (121) are Quickbooks, Zapier, Xero, etc.

HubSpot CRM -  Speed up Your Sales Team

  • personalized sequences enables you to queue up a series of emails and deliver them to a prospect on a schedule you set;
  • repetitive emails gives you an opportunity to turn them into templates to send in seconds, track their performance and share the best one with your team;
  • real-time notifications help you know when a potential customer opens an email, downloads an attachment, so you can follow-up immediately;
  • calls can be placed right from CRM with a click, as well as a log is automatically saved on your contact’s timeline.
  • third-party apps (89) includes Zendesk, MailChimp, FreshBooks.

Price Matter

Among the variety of CRMs on the today’s market, Pipedrive and HubSpot are considered the affordable platforms with reasonable editions:

Pipedrive comprises a 31-day free trial and 3 paid plans:

  • Siver - $12/user/month
  • Gold - $25/user/month
  • Platinum - $75/user/month

HubSpot CRM is totally free and offers 1,000,000 contacts, companies, deals & tasks, as well as unlimited users.

As you can see, the battle Pipedrive vs HubSpot CRM has no a single winner because both platforms are worth your attention. Each of the budget-friendly platform has strong sides that can fulfill your business strategy in full scale. So, if you consider moving to one of the solutions, you can easily use an automated migration service Trujay. The SaaS provides you with a swift, accurate and secure migration and stands out for the following features:

  1. eliminate any data loss with security compliance, as well as sign Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA).
  2. map the modules on your own in accordance with your company demands.
  3. exclude business disruption and get 100% uptime of both CRMs.
  4. perform the transition without copy/pasting or any special knowledge.
  5. run a free Demo Migration to observe if the SaaS satisfies your organization needs.
  6. use Migration Insurance to launch the transfer over in case you want to make any changes.

CRM Data Import in the Several Smooth Steps

Now, when you decided on your dream CRM and found a right migration tool, consider to perform the next actions:

1. Register Trujay account and sign in.


2. Provide the access credentials of the current and future platforms.

  1. 3. Choose the records you want to move, map the fields and users, as well as launch a free Demo Migration.

4. If you are satisfied with Demo outcome, you can proceed with full data import.

Drawing a Bottom Line

The investigation and selection of the new CRM platform that suits your business demands  can open up new possibilities for your company success. So, take all above-mentioned hints, choose the desired software among Pipedrive vs HubSpot CRM and migrate your records with Trujay without any hassles.


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