PipelineDeals to Hubspot CRM Migration: Guarantee Success with Advanced CRM

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PipelineDeals to Hubspot CRM Migration: Guarantee Success with Advanced CRM

The business environment is in the middle of the rapid growth. It becomes challenging to maintain the relationships with clients and provide the personalized service. CRM system is an excellent choice for centralizing the customer information and keeping it accurate, consistent, and safe. Many companies are searching for more advanced solutions with lightweight functions that fit their particular business needs.

Some organizations have realized the power of young but compelling Hubspot CRM and how the system can help to optimize the customer experience. PipelineDeals is a great alternative to Hubspot CRM admired by some companies, though leaves out something you wish could have. Let’s compare both solutions and investigate the main steps of PipelineDeals to Hubspot CRM Migration.

PipelineDeals vs. Hubspot CRM: Choice for Your Business Success

PipelineDeals is a system that fit the needs of the small and mid-sized organizations. The solution is famous for the easy-to-use interface, sorting tools, and drag-drop options that save you a lot of time. The number of custom fields, you can easily tailor CRM to meet the company's specific needs. The opportunity to send trackable emails enables you with monitoring what targeted clients did with received message (when they opened it, click a link, etc.a)

Like PipelineDeals, Hubspot CRM satisfies the requirements of small and mid-sized companies. The platform helps your sales and marketing crews to access and share the information about every contact. It is great for closed loop analytics to enhance marketing performance. The Sidekick integration makes prospecting, connecting, and engaging with potential customers easy and intuitive. The solution offers the option to create a set of the templates for repeatable follow-ups that save time for sales reps.

Quick Look at the Price Matter

To the cost preferences, both systems are considered as the reasonable solutions. PipelineDeals includes

  • a 14-day free trial and
  • 2 paid subscriptions:
  • Standart - $24 per license/month,
  • Accelerator - $48 per license/month.

While Hubspot CRM is completely free.

Despite the fact that the systems share similar peculiarities, Hubspot CRM gets the advantage regarding some functionality and price policy. Check out Google Trend Comparison Chart, and notice that the Hubspot CRM popularity arises with each year:

So, are you having issues with managing your data or customer relationships and ready transferring to more advanced solution? Consider the following actions to complete the migration from PipelineDeals to Hubspot CRM successfully.

Migrate from PipelineDeals to Hubspot CRM Swiftly

By using an automated migration service Trujay, you may start the data transition and perform the process in 4 easy steps:

  1. Visit app.trujay.com and sign in.

2. The next stage is verifying the current CRM credentials. Select PipelineDeals and provide an API key.

Then, pick out Hubspot CRM from the drop-down box and log into account.

3. The next steps: choose the records you are willing to relocate to Hubspot CRM and click on the corresponding boxes. Then make sure all the fields are mapped in the proper way. If some of them are not mapped, you should select the available option on your Hubspot CRM.

At this point, you can start the free Demo Migration to see the process in action. The solution will relocate the records preserving the relations between the items.

4. In case you satisfied with Demo results, proceed with the actual transferring from PipelineDeals to Hubspot CRM.

A switching CRM solution is not an easy task. But if you are seeking for improvement of business processes, then it is time for a change.


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