PipelineDeals to Insightly Migration: Run Business with Advanced CRM

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PipelineDeals to Insightly Migration: Run Business with Advanced CRM

PipelineDeals to Insightly Migration: Fire Up Your Business with Advanced CRM


Adapting to the changes is difficult in the business world, the migration to a new CRM solution can be a challenging spot on the thorny path to success. Some companies tend to feel that their platform doesn’t fit the business processes anymore. The reasons vary from lacking the functionality and old interface to becoming too expensive. These signs of CRM insufficiency should call you out to start searching for the more advanced system.


In this line of thought, PipelineDeals vs. Insightly is the example of nice-to-have CRM transferring. So, let’s focus on the important differences between the solutions, as well as how you can switch from one to another in a swift and secure way.



PipelineDeals vs. Insightly: Which Solution Paves Success?


Being launched in 1999, Pipelinedeals is a great option for small and mid-sized companies. The solution includes a user-friendly interface, some sorting tools, and drag-and-drop options that eliminate the extra training and speed up the learning curve. With 225 custom fields, you can easily tailor the platform to meet the organization's specific needs of data management. Furthermore, the ability to send trackable emails enables with monitoring what targeted customers did with the received message (i.e. when they opened it, downloaded the attachment, click a link, etc.)


However, if your business is successfully evolving, and you have a growing need for advanced options, then your eye should fall on Insightly. Founded in 2011, the platform can satisfy the requirements of small and mid-sized companies as well. Like Pipelinedeals, the solutions offer an intuitive and straightforward interface that improves the speed and quality of user experience. Even though the Insightly is a comparatively new system, you can drive the advantage of linking options and flexibility. The platform's analytics is presented by 9 reports that can be customized for the specific business demands.



Price as Inevitable Aspect


To the cost preferences, some clients consider PipelineDeals and Insightly as reasonable CRM systems. So far, PipelineDeals offers 2 subscriptions starting from $24 per user per month. Insightly offers a free version (up to 2 users) and 4 paid plans. The Basic edition starts from $15 user/month with the monthly contract.


First and last, despite the fact that the platforms share some features, Insightly gets more advanced age in terms of functionality and price policy. Furthermore, take a look at Google Trend Comparison Chart, and notice how Insightly’s popularity increases with each year:


At this point, when you are all fired up with the required information and argumentations for transferring from PipelineDeals to Insightly, consider the next steps to complete the switch in 4 easy stages.



How to Prepare for the Relocation?


To accomplish PipelineDeals to Insightly transfer in the right way, it is suggested to complete some actions before that:


  • try 14-days Insightly free trial to test the features of the new platform
  • delete all unnecessary and redundant records from the current solution
  • prepare a backup not to lose any critical information
  • call the meeting to announce your staff about the upcoming changes



Migrate from PipelineDeals to Insightly Smoothly


Succeeding with the preparation steps, you may start with the actual transition by means of an automated transferring system Trujay.


  1. Visit app.trujay.com/ and register an account.

2. The following stage is verifying your existing CRM details. Choose PipelineDeals and provide its API Token. After that, select Insightly from the drop-down box and specify the API Key.

3. The following steps: you should pick out the records you want to transfer to Insightly, so select the corresponding boxes. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the beneficial option to set up specific field mapping in accordance with your business demands. Choose a module and press ‘View or Change Field Mapping’.

PipelineDeals to Insightly mapping

Make sure all the fields are mapped in the right way. If you get a notification that some fields are not mapped, you should choose the available option on your Insightly. For instance: if you go to “Contacts”, you can observe that ‘Type” and “Full Name’ symbols are not mapped. At this point, complete the next actions:


  • Click ‘Edit’ and select the desired field.
  • If the field is not essential for your future processes, it is suggested to single out the ‘do not migrate’ command.


Here, begin the free Demo Migration and observe the process in action. The system will relocate the limited amount of items with the preserved relations between the records.


4. After that, if you are satisfied with the Demo results, you can proceed with the migration from PipelineDeals to Insightly.

PipelineDeals to Insightly results


Last and not least, Trujay will transfer all your items without any business process interruptions, so you can continue working.

PipelineDeals to Insightly: What are the Final Steps?


When all the hard part is behind, you should verify the results of the relocation by considering the following activities:


  • check out if all the records relocated in the proper way
  • set up specific filters for reporting and workflow rules
  • provide your staff with tutorials and training along with the business processes.



Closing Thoughts


In case you want to reveal new opportunities for your company, then the transition from PipelineDeals to Insightly is the way to go. Therefore, take all the recommendations above into consideration, and complete the data moving with an automated migration system Trujay. Don’t hesitate, start your free Demo right now!


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