PipelineDeals to Zoho Migration: Why Don’t Try a Different CRM?

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PipelineDeals to Zoho Migration: Why Don’t Try a Different CRM?

On a competitive CRM market, there are plenty of platforms that seem suitable for your business. However, it is an illusion. There are only a few of them that can enrich the growth of your company. So, make sure the software you are using is the right one. In this article, we will try to help you in this choice by analyzing two popular solutions and providing a guide on how to migrate from PipelineDeals to Zoho if you decide so.



To Start With


PipelineDeals is a platform that was launched in 2006. The system integrates with 37 different solutions, including MailChimp, G Suite, Zapier, and others. Although, it does not offer integration with WordPress, Zendesk, Salesforce.


Zoho CRM was introduced in 2004. It integrates with more than 200 systems, among them WordPress, Zendesk, Workato, MailChimp, Slack, and many more.


PipelineDeals Pricing and Specifics


The platform provides 3 paid monthly plans:


  • Start for $25/user/billed annually (includes unlimited leads, deals, and companies; email tracking)
  • Develop for $33/user/billed annually (comprises everything in the Start plan plus reporting on multiple revenue sources ability; highlighting of key contacts; tracking of major customer milestones)
  • Grow for $49/user/billed annually (accommodates everything in Start and Develop plans along with smart automation; multi-currency support; two-way email sync)


Regardless of the fact that many business owners are satisfied with PipelineDeals, it has some weaknesses compared to Zoho CRM. Here they are:


  • Lack of internal proposal generation
  • Suits mainly small and medium-sized companies
  • Reduced customization
  • Mobile version needs improvements
  • Inability to create custom reports within the software for a dashboard
  • No contract management, custom fields, and forms



Zoho CRM Cost and Capabilities


Zoho offers you a choice of 4 payment plans. Check them out:


  • Standard ($12/month/user/billed annually). Includes contact, feed, lead, account management plus reporting, forecasting, mass email, dashboards, and others.
  • Professional ($20/month/user/billed annually). Offers some additional to previous plan capabilities: an unlimited number of records, workflow management, email integration.
  • Enterprise ($35/month/user/billed annually). Comprises territory management, conditional fields, custom modules, multiple currencies, and others.
  • Ultimate ($100/month/user/billed annually). Contains all mentioned above features, yet offers additional functionality: the priority support for its subscribers, dedicated database cluster, advanced customization, enhanced storage, and others.



The solution has crucial benefits that make it to stand out on a CRM market, such as:


  • Has a whole range of productivity tools that come with a free plan for up to 10 users.
  • Suits good both small companies and enterprises.
  • Stands out because of high-level customization (data views, various add-ons, workflow automation, reports templates).
  • Full-scale sales management.


To size up, it is fair to say that both systems have their highlighting points, yet Zoho CRM offers a bit more features and pricing options to choose. The system has a free edition and suits companies of all sizes. So, if you feel like you want to move on from PipelineDeals to Zoho CRM, you can benefit from using a Trujay service.



Reasons You Should Use Trujay


The fully automated tool allows you to import data absolutely laissez-faire. Other essential advantages of the SaaS include:


  • A free demo that gives you an opportunity to migrate a part of your data to check out the service and test your desired CRM in action
  • Fast and secured migration
  • Ability to map the fields and users you want to move
  • Import without stopping your business processes
  • A chance to restart migration to ensure the full transfer of data
  • Ease-to-use and understandable interface
  • Support various software systems
  • 24/7 support from experienced tech gurus


And, finally, you have a possibility to perform a PipelineDeals to Zoho CRM migration in 4 effortless steps.



PipelineDeals to Zoho CRM Trouble-Free Data Transfer


Step 1. Create an account at app.trujay.com and sign in.



Step 2. Choose a PipelineDeals system from a drop-down list and provide its API token (to find it you should log in your CRM account and go to “Account Settings”; in the sidebar press “PipelineDeals API” and enable API access).


After that, select a Zoho CRM to migrate to and provide access to it: CRM email and password.

Step 3. Choose all the modules you want to migrate, map them, and click a “Start Free Demo Migration” button.

pipelinedeals to zoho

Step 4. If you are satisfied with the results of a free Demo process, you can take advantage of a full migration from PipelineDeals to Zoho CRM.

pipelinedeals to zohi results

Tips after Migration from PipelineDeals to Zoho


After the successful data import makes sure you performed the next steps:


  • Check if all of the modules were transferred correctly
  • Have a look at relations between the modules(if they are the same in a new CRM)
  • Build customized workflow rules and filters for reports
  • Enlighten your staff about the new software and teach them how to use it



Let’s Summarize


To conclude, both of the CRM systems can satisfy your business needs. However, the requirements differ from company to company. It is entirely your decision whether or not to move on from a PipelineDeals to Zoho CRM. As you noticed, the process of data import is easy, so you can perform a free Demo Migration anytime to figure out if the new solution fits your company.



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