Practical Hints on Flawless Salesforce to Solve360 Migration [Tutorial]

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Practical Hints on Flawless Salesforce to Solve360 Migration [Tutorial]

CRM systems became the inevitable part of business running several decades ago. The constant innovations and digitization of customer relationships drive up to the appearance of the more advanced and sophisticated solutions. That is, your business evolves and may demand you to change the current solution. So pay attention to practical hints from Trujay on how to make Flawless Salesforce to Solve360 Migration.

Principal Signs for CRM Shift

Obviously, CRM solutions aren’t a remedy for all business problems and woes. Companies have noticeable differences in objectives and strategies, but share the same troubles when it comes to the abilities and potential limitations. So, the following aspects cause a need in CRM switch

    • inaccurate articulation and data management
    • lack of system configuration and scalability
    • increasing license fees and maintaining costs
    • limited access methods and data lockups
    • low user adoption levels
    • restricted integration abilities

However, sometimes business owners over invest into solutions with the untold tool sets they rarely use.

Why to Choose Trujay for Your Salesforce to Solve360 Migration

salesforce to solve360

Salesforce to Solve360: Align Tools for Business Objectives

Salesforce and Solve360 are the effective cloud platforms with large audiences of users. Still, some vendors settle their CRM issue by moving from Salesforce to Solve360. You also may find the following features of Solve effective and practical.

    • easy-to-use and multi-language UI
    • comprehensive pricing without long-term contracts
    • standard modules for contacts, companies, and projects
    • automation of everyday tasks with a workflow tool
    • tag-option for customer segmentation and multiple criteria search
    • scope for integration and system customization

Solve360 is quite compatible with Salesforce and can comply with your business goalposts and objectives.

Arrange Your CRM Switch

Data migration is a complex and lasting process. So, if you decide to move from Salesforce to Solve360, you should prepare your database and employees for the approaching changes. At first, make sure that your records are free from duplicates and empty fields then backup your information. Explore the abilities of the desired CRM and set up a trial version. This will aid you in planning the staff training. The next move is the data switch. You can use the automated service Trujay and migrate to Solve360 without programming, importing or human interaction. Moreover, the web-based solution has no impact on the uptime and lasts several hours.

Describing Salesforce to Solve360 Migration in Stages

Step 1. Go to and accomplish a quick sign up. Provide your name, email, phone number and choose a password. Or use your social media account. Else, login as a Salesforce user


Step 2. Select your Salesforce from a drop-down menu, press "Authorize" and login to your Salesforce.

Next. Define your Solve360 email, and API token.
Step 3. Select modules for a switch (accounts, contacts, tasks and opportunities). Set up a free Demo. During this procedure, Trujay will transfer a limited amount of records from specified CRM entities.
Step 4. Complete your Salesforce to Solve360 migration.

Final Shortcut

Do you want to switch to Solve360, but shadow doubt on the automated service? Don’t waste your time on considerations and launch a free Demo Migration for seeing work of Trujay in action.
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