Sales CRM Features: What to Look for? [Infographic]

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Sales CRM Features: What to Look for? [Infographic]

The competitive business environment and customer-centric economy make CRM system a necessity for the successful company running. The efficient solution helps you know the customers better, analyze sales, and turn the prospects into loyal clients. Thus, before diving deep into the world of CRM functionality, let’s discuss 3 must-have sales CRM features:

#1 Sales Automation

CRM can help you capture the lead information directly from your website, schedule follow-up reminders, generate custom reports, etc. By automating the routine tasks, you will spend more time on the essential activities like building customer relationships and closing deals.

#2 Integrated or Built-in Telephony

This capability allows to call directly from CRM and record the conversations. Telephony is one of the lead generation tools, so a simple callback may convert the site visitor into potential customer. Moreover, the modern phone features can enhance the customer experience. For instance: intelligent call routing saves you time and eliminates the unnecessary transfers. Some telephony systems identify ID and provide you with caller’s information. This helps you approach the customers in the more personalized way.

#3 Collaboration Tools

Ease of team communication is essential for sales managers to fulfill the professional duties. Make sure your CRM includes the project management, tasks, and document sharing to make the business processes faster and more transparent.

Now, when you got acquainted with some of the effective sales CRM features, take a look at the infographic provided by Visually and find out other functionality options.

Are you ready to wrap up the information regarding sales CRM functionality? Here is a short checklist of capabilities:

  • Contact Management provides an opportunity to organize the contacts into groups and manage them easily.

  • Reports and Dashboards allow you view statistics in a highly visual and engaging perspective using customized analytical tools.

  • Lead Management lets you determine potential customers to follow up based on the demographic and psychographic factors.

  • Sales Forecasting is helping you identify a metric of success. In other words, you can determine whether your results on par with efforts.

  • Customizable Home Screen and Layouts equip with the flexible UI and accommodate with the visual perspective of everything.

  • Territory Management enables you with organizing the leads lists by geographic location and assign to the corresponding sales reps.

  • 3rd Party Integrations helps you add more functionality to your CRM.

  • Let’s talk about how we can work together.

CRM Systems: Top Solutions with Sales Team in Mind

Many companies place the primary focus on the efficiency of sales team and a number of closed deals. So, in case you are one of these organizations and looking for a suite of sales tools, take advantage of the following platforms:

  • PipelineDeals offers the unparalleled visibility into each stage of the sales pipeline, a set of customization and integration options.

  • Pipedrive enables you with adding as many sales stages, team members or activity types as your business requires.

  • includes not only the basic sales CRM features but provides the possibility to call, record, forward the calls easily to make your reps more efficient.

By and large, if your goal is to move data to more sales-oriented CRM, the solutions mentioned above are the ones to consider. An automated migration service Trujay can help you map the fields and transfer the records securely. Don’t wait up, try a free Demo Migration to PipelineDeals, Pipedrive, or right away!

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