Business Apps Discovery: Sales Enablement Software to Achieve Market Fit

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Business Apps Discovery: Sales Enablement Software to Achieve Market Fit

Business opportunities are fast-forwarded to the present, and strategies keep getting more exciting. In the search for bridging the marketing and sales gap, a whole suite of online solutions and tactics appear. Having identified and understood the human and technological realities of a problem, many organizations apply the sales enablement software into the workflows. These services provide benefits to everyone involved, especially, the sales reps who face customers directly.

Of course, nothing could be farther from the truth: it takes a lot of work to result in richer buying experience and changing the monthly growth rates. Powerful content and strong communication are the must-haves for building and fostering efficient, measurable outcomes. Sales enablement functions are still not fully formalized, and therefore, these tools keep evolving.

Sales Enablement as a Bag of Tricks

Traditionally, sales performance viewed as perfectly timed, real concerns addressed, and effectively complied with the targeted audience. We can agree that it’s all important, especially in a business sense. Sales enablement software comes as a technological invention covering the multiple, sometimes even conflicting, priorities. For good-note taking, there is no nailed definition or distinct components of these tools.

At Scott Santucci Forrester’s blog, you can find the following explanation: “Sales enablement is a strategic, ongoing process that equips all client-facing employees with the ability to consistently and systematically have a valuable conversation with the right set of customer stakeholders at each stage of the customer's problem-solving life cycle to optimize the return of investment of the selling system.”

From another perspective, the sales enablement software deals with the next core functions:

  • provide tips and guides to effective sales assets usage;

  • share best practices to expose the options and actions that indeed work;

  • build the core sales assets to cover common challenges (across-selling, durable sales cycles, dropping rates, falling deal size, etc.);

  • create the product training to ensure the deep knowledge during presentations.

Either way, the major aim of these solutions to deliver a systematic approach to increasing sales productivity along with providing the right information in the right format at the right time and place.

Essential Features Checklist For Sales Enablement Software

There are tons of innovation techniques, tools and tricks out there for getting your teams to work better. Sales enablement tools comprise a wide range of services with various focus:

  • business intelligence

  • sales operations

  • customer experience

  • sales management

  • gamification

  • sales training

  • content analysis

  • sales analytics, etc.

Thus, these solutions can’t be interchangeable and selected depending on the business strategy and culture. So far, each of them is capable of opening up new opportunities for increasing productivity and revenue.

The sufficient attention and budget devoted to scaling sales team performance also require a definition pain points and funnel bottlenecks. To achieve a delicate balance between what’s fine and what’s effective,  you should ensure sales enablement software toolkit includes:

  • contact or lead management,

  • performance managing features,

  • productivity tools,

  • quota or goal management,

  • training and collaboration options.

5 Sales Enablement Apps to Maximize Productivity & Communication

Once you’ve decided to make iterative improvements, face the challenge of choosing a suitable sales enablement software. There is no room at the top for those unwilling to adapt cutting-edge technologies. Cultivating a deep understanding of the problem, the following review of efficient sales services aims to facilitate your choice.

#1 Showpad is one of the sales enablement software with a focus on training to increase the agility and productivity of the performance. The service enables interactive training experience, as well as supports any device or location. Showpad also backs sales reps with scheduling and hosting meetings. Apart from quick access to required content, you can run engagement quality due to email integration and record notes and meetings into CRM. Besides, the solution keeps track of the prospects and tune up the outreach to get the max efficiency.

Free trial: 14-days available

Costs: starts with Professional Plan - $25 per user/month

#2 Sales management platform Leveleleven helps to promote the high-rates and engage the team to achieve more. The service enables integration with Salesforce what facilitate the workflow monitoring and analyzing, as well as enhance the user adoption. With this sales enablement software, you receive the ability to keep the pulse of performance trends and focus on the activities that drive measurable results.

Free trial: only a scheduled demo available

Costs: Starter Plan goes from $600 per month for 10 users.

#3 Vablet is a sales enablement tool with a focus on content and analytics. The service provides the full control of device maintenance and group-based management. Being flexible in template and logos customization, Vablet offers tools to create and collect data from surveys and different kinds of forms. Apart from guaranteed security and offline access, the sales platform delivers the integration opportunities with CRM, ERP, and marketing automation software.

Free trial: only a scheduled demo available

Costs: requires contacting with sales.

#4 CallidusCloud is a market leader in the sales performance management services. The solution for advancing sales performance handles the three core tasks: provide right content, managers training, and coach how to increase the average deal price. Along with single repository of content and data, your teams get a role-based access supported on mobile devices as well. The analytic option shows the most actionable channels and sales cycle performance. Plus, CallidusCloud sales enablement software supports API integration capabilities.

Free trial: a scheduled demo available or request a meeting

Costs: starts with Marketing Plan $50 user/month (billed annually, minimum 25 users)

#5 The last but far not least tool in the list is SalesHandy. The service has a strong emphasis on communication and analytics in ensuring the growth and productivity of sales reps. The email tracking is fueled by the document tracking and access control. With SalesHandy, the presentations can be run effectively via live meetings, screen, and content share. In addition to collateral management, the sales enablement app provides CRM integration.

Free trial: 30-days available

Costs: Free Plan (up to 3 users) and paid plans to start with Regular $7 user/month (billed annually).

At the End of the Day

When hunting for a new tool to get the immense impact and change the average rates for opportunities, focus the covering the essential requirement of your sales reps. The software can be expensive, but if it fits a need and helps you do more, it can more than pay itself over time. So, boost the company month income rates, engage your team, and produce a real value to the audience with a forward-driving sales enablement service.

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