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Salesforce CRM Devotion Post

With the newly backed release of Salesforce migration support, we, at Trujay, have been discovering the timeline of this customer relationship management platform literary with the tiptoe curiosity. Fifteen-year industry-leading customer platform, award-winning organization, the team of prominent figures, you must admit it’s too responsible and at the same time exciting to make a review of Salesforce. So, here it is our devotion post dedicated to outstanding cloud Salesforce and people standing behind this project. Life Journey

Salesforce CRM is the picture when all is coming together when you are seeking not a customer, but a friend when you are building faithful bridges and treating them to the fine fashion. Salesforce cloud CRM solution was launched in 1999 (it was a time when just about 4% of world’s population used the Internet, rather risky undertaken, wasn’t it?) in San Francisco, California by  Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff, and Frank Dominguez.

Apart from the feature-rich architecture and the breakneck development of Salesforce functionality (we’ll talk about it later), we can’t help but mention their parallel charity project - The Salesforce Foundation, a volunteer organization of Salesforce employees who are seeking for world improvement, offering technologies to a non-profit organization.

Diversity of Horizons

Presenting a cloud ecosystem, has already established the tight bridges over the globe. Today, we may distinguish a bulk of Salesforce projects out there:

  • Sales Cloud. This product allows tracking all your customers’ information in one place. You’ll be able to refer your clients to peculiar expert quickly that actually increases your efficiency.
  • Service Cloud. It’s a comprehensive call management solution built on Salesforce1 Platform. Response to your clients anytime, anywhere, it’s easy as ABC with Service Cloud.
  • Salesforce1 Platform. With the help of this platform, you might easily create various mobile applications.
  • Community Cloud. Make you leverage the interaction with your partners, resellers, distributors, and clients. This tool allows creating self-service communities, communication boards, etc.
  • It’s utility for B2B clients that provides you with the facility to deliver contacts and company information directly to Sales Cloud.
  • Pardot. This is a favorable combination of marketing and sales management opportunities, B2B tool for providing high-quality services for complicated and multifaceted sales.
  • Salesforce Chatter. Increase your team productivity and creativity with Chatter that allows connecting employees across the company.
  • A utility for sales performance management.
  • It’s a small-business fit solution that reduces the time spent on setup and allows a user to assist client quickly and more efficiently.

On the whole, is suitable both for small businesses as well as for large enterprises. In most cases, you might get more benefits, if your working scope is B2B customers. Also, Salesforce comprises an intuitive interface, and your team members get used to it very soon.

You are still wondering how to migrate your data from your old CRM to Salesforce? Trujay makes it in a fully automated way.

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