Salesforce Customization: Inevitable or Optional Process

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Salesforce Customization: Inevitable or Optional Process

The decision of CRM deployment is a crucial step in a business running. However, the coin has two sides. The enhancement of the heavy manual and routine processes comes with a new scheme of work organization. None of the existing CRM platforms can fit perfectly to your business demands, and is no exception.

Apart from an abundance of convenient and practical features and tools, this cloud solution provides you with extended configuration options that facilitate the process of system adoption. So, if you want to be a productive company without staff on the verge of a nervous breakdown, you may do some customization of Salesforce in order to streamline your company’s performance. We offer you the following short-list of cues that shows how personalization may improve the usability of your platform.

CRM Fails at Fulfilling Your Business Objectives

After long considerations and weighing all pros and cons, you’ve finally moved to and were eager to enjoy new found flexibility and simplicity of sales and marketing performance. The cases when the CRM platform fails at justifying your expectations become more common. The duration of sales cycles the same, the quality of cross-department communication still poor, your contact manager provides with outdated records and support service workers face the severe critic of discouraged customers. If you are familiar with this scenario, you forget to make your Salesforce customization.

Staff Neglects Working with System

One of the principal aims of CRM is to provide relevant and real-time records concerning leads, prospects, opportunities, campaigns and deals. When your staff enters the data in Salesforce, this information became available for each department. The accessible updated records improve the company performance, as well as increase a revenue level. By means of Salesforce, you can run meetings with the whole organization or certain teams. However, if your workers don’t record the data in CRM, the plans of every department would be miscalculated and end up in costly failures. So, make sure that your staff uses Salesforce and offer them training for faster adoption.

Lack of Work Observation

Every business is unique and working with Salesforce as a new CRM platform means that it requires setting up to your teams work. If you let things swim with the tide and exclude the customization, your staff will drop Salesforce like a hot brick. So, you need to collect all missing modules or fields in order to facilitate the teams work and develop the speed of deals closing.

Incomplete Customer Portfolio

Salesforce enables you with 360-degree customer view that contains the full records list of client’s lifecycle, buying and communication history, as well as connections with other organizations and prospects. If your sales team lacks this opportunity, Salesforce customization of contact database is of vital importance. One dashboard shows detailed customer data improves targeted campaigns planning and saves time and cost resources.

On and Off Reporting

The analytics play the second fiddle to selling processes, as long as it depicts successful stages of deals and the moments when your departments were stuck. The data offered in reports offers you sufficient insights into marketing, workers and customers activities. The ability to track and influence on the changes in the processes enhances calculating company ROI and new business objectives designing. So, if you receive rare and inexact reports, it is high time to customize Salesforce analytics to your needs.

Glass Ceiling for Mobile App

Salesforce cares about its users and provides them with a free mobile app. By means of anytime access from every corner of the world, you may increase your uptime, as well as quality of services. If your departments treat this opportunity suspiciously, you may demonstrate them how to keep real-time updating and company changes on the pulse.

Workflow Trap

With the workflow, you optimize departments’ work and distribute tasks and leads. You can trigger sending out emails, newsletter and notification, as well as setting other conditions that enhances and automated the main processes of the company. However, there is no standard of this option, and each business defines the aspects and features for effective performance. So, Salesforce customization can’t go without workflow rules and approvals.

One More Thing to Remember

Before starting any customization processes that are quite costly, you need to define your goals and prioritize them according to importance for your company. A lot of enthusiastic organization overcustomizes their Salesforce and complicate the work of their staff. The juggler starts his learning from one ball and later adds another. A similar approach should be taken for Salesforce customization, reengineer your cloud solution gradually without waste of resources.

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