Salesforce Features and Benefits: Put Your Business On a Roller Coaster that Goes Only Up

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Salesforce Features and Benefits: Put Your Business On a Roller Coaster that Goes Only Up

Salesforce Features and Benefits - Investigate the Specifics

Today’s world is driven by innovations. Everything that is new, digital or revolutionary is an immediate success. It influenced all parts of the business world. This trend has affected the customer service sector on a high scale. That is why nowadays a company that didn’t implement some tech novelties would probably lose in comparison to the one which is using innovations. A great example of a software that can help your company is a CRM system. Here are some stats on how customer relationship management can help your business grow:

CRM app help
However, the process of choosing a proper CRM solution is not as easy as it may seem. It requires meetings with your team (especially sales department) and long hours of surfing the web. So, to make it easier for you to make a decision, we are providing the information on one of the market leaders - Salesforce. After reading the piece, you will know for sure if the platform is meeting the goals of your company.

To Start With

It will be fair to say, that Salesforce is the most well-known CRM software on a market that is used by more than 100,000 companies. Here are Google Trends stats that show how popular the platform is by searches:

Salesforce trends
One of the reasons for such a fame is that the system was the first of its kind and has a long experience. Salesforce was launched in 1999 in San-Francisco, USA. Its significant advantage is the ability to meet the expectations of businesses of all sizes and fields of activity. Here are some stats on customer success of Salesforce users:

salesforce statistics

One of the main Salesforce features and benefits that make it stand out is the number of integrations provided by the platform - more than 600 in total. Because of its extensive list of exclusive integrations, Salesforce enables users with an ability to perform the full-scale company management activities. Among the popular ones there are:

  • MailChimp
  • Dropbox
  • Evernote
  • JIRA
  • Zendesk
  • Wrike
  • Zapier
  • Marketo
  • Many more

Salesforce Features that Matter

Salesforce is one of that platforms that comprise an extensive list of capabilities that deliver additional functionality to your sales techniques. Here are some of them:

Opportunity Tracking (allows you to keep track of the important company’s data; can be visually analyzed to help you understand where is your business is going; automated emails can be sent to your employees when new info occurs).

Contact & Account Management (gives you a full view on your clients, such as key contacts, activity history, customer communications; social media integration allows you to gain insights on your clients from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn within Salesforce).

Mobile App (gives you an opportunity to have access to your Salesforce account on the go using your phone).

Lead Management (a possibility to track data about your leads; including automatic lead scoring, so you wouldn’t miss potential customers because of the holes in the system).

Sales Data (Salesforce product collaborates with the CRM and allows you to get the right business contacts at the right time with the access to the full info about them).

Sales Forecasts (real-time view into team’s forecasts; management hierarchy; track your top performers).

Email Sync (Salesforce can be integrated with email apps like Gmail, MS Outlook, Lotus Notes so it provides the sync between CRM and addresses books and calendars as well as set up personalized email templates).

Salesforce Benefits to Look At

Salesforce is the solution that allows to control and organize your business entirely on its CRM system basis, without purchasing additional extensions. It provides you with almost unlimited development capabilities since the solution obtains the extensive amount of add-ons. Thanks to this, Salesforce perfectly suits companies of any size, placing a focus on the enterprises.
There are some capabilities of the platform that make it the suitable software for any kinds of businesses. Check them out:

  • Provides robust analytics and tracking functions; a user can build limitless amount of reports and dashboards.
  • Gives you a chance to keep an unlimited number of contacts, as long as you have a data storage.
  • Offers a lot of customizable features to grow, reaches every stage of the customer lifecycle; yet a little bit hard to setup and manage.
  • Considered as a highly-secured system, having few encryption types.
  • Occurs as a fully cloud-based CRM system, and by this allows to start working with the platform in just a couple days.
  • Shows leading results in opportunity and contact management, as well as sales forecasting.
  • Has robust workflow. The platform offers the Process Builder to create and automate the business processes rapidly with the easy interface and simple to manage tools. You can design the email alerts for deals in a certain size, and auto-assign tasks while the prospect moves through the various sales stages. Check out the workflow dashboard of the software (in Salesforce Classic):

Visual Workflow

A Little Bit About Pricing

Salesforce includes a 30-day free trial and offers 4 paid editions:

  • Lightning Essentials. It is the most accessible plan that costs 25$ per month/user/billed annually, providing basic opportunities, such as account, contact, opportunity and task management; customizable sales process, activity feed, the creation of a calendar, full offline mobile functionality and inbox mobile app.
  • Lightning Professional. Plan, which costs 75$ per month/user/billed annually. It gives you options, included in the cheaper plan, adding some other functions: connecting sales information to any app you want, personal accounts, products and price books, quotes, topics and recommendations, Google apps integration and others.
  • Lightning Enterprise plan for 150$ per month/user/billed annually. It includes features of two plans, described above plus Einstein lead scoring (for additional cost), sales console app, Einstein automated contacts, sales teams, opportunity splits, enterprise territory management and more.
  • Lightning Unlimited provides you with unlimited CRM power and support, costs 300$ per month/user/billed annually. It supplies you with all features mentioned before, coming with full sandbox and some other options provided for additional cost.

Setup fee is zero when you work with Salesforce. Also, a single user pays these basic monthly rates, but if you want to add a new customer, you should pay more.

To Sum Up

Salesforce is one of that platforms that is worth the money and efforts to setup and manage it. The solution comes with an extensive list of capabilities that can enrich your business. Salesforce features and benefits are constantly upgrading and developing to meet the customers’ needs.
If you decide to import data to Salesforce or in case you have some questions on any CRM system, feel free to contact our Trujay expert.

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