Salesforce Import: Accommodate the Evolving Business Needs

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Salesforce Import: Accommodate the Evolving Business Needs

Do you recognize the situation when you are standing in the aisle at the supermarket, trying to decide which bottle of water or bag of detergent to buy? There are so many choices, yet quite a few good options. Surely, one would taste better, but it’s late, and time to get home, so you grab whatever and go on. Picking out a new CRM and transitioning to the advanced solution are the similar processes. With a wide range of platforms, choosing a right one for your business can be challenging task, as well as switching to a new solution is harder still.

Considering the hefty investment in CRM system, a number of organizations shy away from making the leap. Albeit, when the existing platform fails in meeting the business requirements due to the lack of functionality or configuration options, CRM migration becomes an imperative process. Since Salesforce is one of the leading platforms on today’s market, many companies tend to move the solution. Before diving deep into the CRM migration process, let’s take a moment and find out the primary Salesforce features.

5 Salesforce Capabilities to Keep an Eye on

Being a number one solution, Salesforce is a great fit for the companies of all sizes that helps you enhance the business success and benefit from:

  • Territory Management. The platform includes an opportunity to design the sales territories in the logical way that maps the reps to the right customers. You can copy the territory model and explore the alternative modeling options. After that, you can use the new one to see what will perform the best: hierarchies, assignment rules, or territory assignments.
  • Reports and Dashboards. Salesforce offers the 17 standard reports that aim to cover the major aspects of performance every organization runs. You can quickly customize the reports in accordance with your business needs, as well as drag and drop the fields, filters to gain an immediate real-time view.
  • Salesforce AppExchange. The marketplace is full of plugins and add-ons to enhance the platform's core functionality. It obtains around 4 million installs that are capable of supporting the various processes of business like marketing, sales, finance, etc.
  • Mobile CRM. The Salesforce1 Mobile App enables you with an opportunity to record the calls, access the essential information, and perform other activities from any devices on the go.
  • Team Collaboration. Salesforce Chatter helps you connect, engage, and motivate the colleges to work efficiently regardless of their role or location. You can provide a forum for anyone to share insights or offer the new ideas, so all employees stay on the same page.

By and large, the well-earned reputation of world’s leading CRM is confirmed by the above-mentioned efficient features. Besides, according to Google Trends, Salesforce is keeping up with the times and constantly evolving:

So, once you have made up your mind about embracing a new platform, it’s time to get ready for Salesforce import and find the right migration tool. Moving to a new platform doesn't have to be challenging, if you use an automated migration service Trujay and take advantage of:

  • security regulations to exclude the possibilities of any data loss;
  • fields and users mapping to have a total control of the modules mapping;
  • no interruptions of the business processes and uptime of both CRMs;
  • free Demo Migration to observe if the service functions properly.

Effortless Salesforce Import in the Several Steps

Since the preparation steps are essential for the smooth transition, you should clean the records, prepare a backup, equip the employees with the information about a new CRM and complete the following actions:

  1. Register an account at and sign in.

2. Select your current CRM and fill out its URL, email, password, API Key, etc.

After that, choose Salesforce as the new platform. You will be redirected to your Salesforce account, click “Allow” button to allow Trujay access the information.

3. Select the entities you want to move to the new solution, map the fields and run a free Demo Migration.

4. In case the Demo results satisfy your requirements, you can proceed with Salesforce import.

After the Salesforce migration part is over, you should take your solution for a spin and complete some activities for efficient CRM running. So, explore whether all fields are migrated to the proper places, set up the filters for reporting tools and build the workflow rules. Furthermore, collect the team’s feedback to understand the challenges they are facing and continue to provide with the required tutorials for boosting the user adoption.

Last Nail

As it follows, finding the best CRM to fit the company needs and move the information from your current platform to the desired one can be a thorny path. However, if you take all hints into consideration, you get an opportunity to perform the Salesforce import without any hassles and reap the platform's advantages in the long run.

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