Salesforce to Infusionsoft Import: Enrich Your Small Business Triumph

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Salesforce to Infusionsoft Import: Enrich Your Small Business Triumph

The process of choosing THE (one that your company will benefit most from) CRM software is quite a deal for business owners. Nevertheless, it is a vital part of bringing your customer service into the digital era in 2018. Besides, it is proven that by implementing this kind of tool you benefit a lot. Every US dollar you invest into the CRM platform returns to you as 8,71 dollars of profit:



CRM efficiency



So, when you finally decide to apply a CRM, another problem occurs - which solution to choose. Among various platforms, there is the one that suits you best, but the process of searching for it can be a headache for some businessmen. That is why we are trying to advise you on this topic by providing the fresh info about Salesforce to Infusionsoft migration.

The Entree




Let’s take a look at two popular solutions.




Salesforce has a long experience in a CRM market (since 1999). The platform offers various adds-on, including such systems as Oracle, Zapier, SAP, and MailChimp.



Infusionsoft is a cloud-based CRM system, introduced in 2004. The platform integrates with popular platforms: Zapier, Xero, MailChimp, and others (112 in total).



You may wonder: why to move from such market leader as Salesforce to the advanced, yet less known solution - Infusionsoft? There are several reasons for this. But the main is that if you are a small or middle-size business owner, it is not efficient to implement quite costly and complicated Salesforce CRM. It is designed mainly to fit the large companies’ needs.



But when it comes to platforms created for smaller businesses, Infusionsoft shines bright like a diamond. Here are some Google Trends statistics on this:




Infusionsoft trend




Thus, it is a decision to consider - whether to migrate from Salesforce to Infusionsoft.

A Few Insights



Talking about the pricing, it is fair to say that Infusionsoft is a rather expensive solution as well. However, it only seems that Salesforce is less costly. When it comes to using it, you discover some hidden costs you should spend in order to use the platform fully. Find more info on this topic here.



So, check out the “sticker prices” of Salesforce:



  • Lightning Essentials. It is the most accessible plan that costs 25$ per month/user/billed annually, providing basic CRM features


  • Lightning Professional. Plan, which costs 75$ per month/user/billed annually


  • Lightning Enterprise plan for 150$ per month/user/billed annually


  • Lightning Unlimited costs 300$ per month/user/billed annually




Infusionsoft pricing editions are:


  • Starter, $99 per month (1 user, 500 contacts, 2,500 emails/month)


  • Essentials, $199 per month (3 users, 2,500 contacts, 12,500 emails/month)


  • Complete, $299 per month (5 users, 10,000 contacts, 50,000 emails/month)



Every software has some alarming specifics that can be crucial for your choice. Salesforce is not an exception. Take a look at its weaknesses:



  • There is no on-premise option offered


  • Is a little bit complex to use and setup


  • You can send up to 1000 emails every day, if your business requires more, it can be a problem


  • Is a single-tenant system, so you will be forced to update it simultaneously with other users


  • There are data and file limits per organizations, if you want more - additional fees occur



On the other hand, Infusionsoft has some benefits that make it stand out in the market:


  • Tracks information about clients, including pages they've viewed and previous purchases


  • Automatically scores contacts based on history and demographics to explain who you should focus on


  • Smooth and well-designed interface; understandable in managing


  • Offers order forms, payment processing and inventory tracking directly within a tool


  • Has a built-in eCommerce store to help you sell services or products


  • Support services are performed on a high level



Why choose TRUJAY?



If you ripened to perform Salesforce to Infusionsoft data import, make sure you are migrating with the help of a proper tool. Here are some essential advantages of our service:



  • Full-scale automation


  • Ability to map the needed modules before the process


  • Possibility to restart migration over to ensure the whole import of data


  • User-friendly interface


  • Wide choice of systems to migrate from and to



  • Experienced 24/7 tech support




Pre-migration Steps to Perform


To ensure a successful import, make sure you completed the following actions:


  • If there is such a possibility, sign in and try out the future system to avoid surprises


  • Announce the change to your team (hold meeting/training) or even assemble the migration team


  • Prepare a backup of your data to avoid any losses and organize it properly




The Migration Itself


Please proceed with the next steps to migrate from Salesforce to Infusionsoft seamlessly:



Step 1. Visit Trujay's Self-Service tool and fill in all the required credentials.






Step 2. Choose your current CRM system from a drop-down list and provide the account information (URL, password, API token or whatever you use for logging in).

Then select Infusionsoft as your future solution and specify your URL.


Step 3. Check and map the modules you want to transfer. Once you are ready, start a free Sample Migration.



Step 4. If you are satisfied with Demo results, you can complete the Insightly migration by running a full.


Actions Afterwards


After completing the transfer, you can take advantage of performing some necessary steps, for example:

  • Check all the items, especially the relations between them (if they are the same)


  • Build customized workflow rules and filters for reports


  • Make sure your team has tutorials and knows how to work with a new system (if not, prepare workshops or group practices)



Boiling It Down



Approachable and easy to set up and manage, Infusionsoft is a suitable choice, especially for small business owners. The solution can compete even with market giants, such as Salesforce. Whether or not you decided to migrate from Salesforce to Infusionsoft, feel free to schedule a call with our CRM expert and ask anything related to the mentioned-above solutions or other ones.

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