Salesforce to Insightly Migration Guidance in 4 Ridiculously Simple Steps

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Salesforce to Insightly Migration Guidance in 4 Ridiculously Simple Steps

Salesforce to Insightly Migration Guidance in 4 Ridiculously Simple Steps


Using a CRM in business can be a huge step ahead - inefficiency, in building trust and connecting to clients, and, most importantly, in growing the revenue. However, this is true provided you’re using the right software for the job. Fortunately or not, there is no ‘ultimate’ system that would fit perfectly to any business so that the choice can be tough.


The great news is, even if your current Salesforce CRM doesn’t make you utterly happy, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to put up with it and can easily migrate to another system. The CRM market overflows with solutions of all shapes and sizes so that you won’t be short for alternatives. One of them that is worth paying close attention to is Insightly CRM.



So, What’s There about Insightly?


Insightly is actually more than mere CRM since project management is also included in the package. It is a cloud system oriented at SMBs and is a frequent choice due to the great combo of price and features. Its free plan is for up to 3 users, and $7 is paid a month per user for bigger teams (billed annually). There are other advantages to it, too.


According to many experts, Insightly does live up to its name. Thanks to its ability to link any record - contact, organization, project, etc. - to any other record, you get an all-round view of the networks. Insightly is also very intuitive, so you won’t need an IT person to keep it running or get started.


To keep things straight, it’s not overloaded with sophisticated features or advanced integrations - just the most popular, like all Google Apps, MailChimp, Evernote, Quickbooks, etc.


Another advantage of Insightly is the integration with social networks so that you can be updated on all your clients’ events.


There is still a fly in the ointment - the limit to the number of records: 2,500 for the free plan and 100,000 for the standard. So, for bigger businesses, it can be too little.


Insightly definitely looks like a decent CRM, but to find out whether it will suit your company, there’s no better way than trying it out. If you decide that you’d like to switch from your Salesforce to Insightly, here’s the step-by-step guide on the easiest way of doing so with the Trujay migration service.



Salesforce to Insightly Migration Detailed Tutorial


1. Create an account to go on or log in if you are already registered. Provide your most basic details - username, email address, password, and phone number. You don’t need to confirm your email - just remember your credentials as you’ll need to log in using them right after registration.



2. Choose your source Salesforce CRM platform type from the drop-down menu. Then let Trujay access your data by clicking the ‘Allow’ button. Then, Define your target Insightly CRM and provide your access API key.

salesforce to insightly


3. So, you’re almost there. Now, choose the records you want to move, map the modules, and press the Start Free Demo button.


4. After the Demo is completed - it usually takes a few minutes - you can see the moved data in your Insightly CRM. Now, to have all the info moved, just click Start Full migration. In no time your new CRM will be loaded with all your necessary data from Salesforce.


salesforce to insightly results


So, time to move on to your new Insightly - hurry up to start your free Demo and make sure the Salesforce to Insightly migration is a lot simpler process than you could ever think!




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