Salesforce Lightning Experience: Advanced Move to Business Headway

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Salesforce Lightning Experience: Advanced Move to Business Headway

Retaining the old customers and winning the new ones depends on the business’ interaction with the clients, as well as how the organization shapes the user experience. According to studies, more than 50% of the customers would pay more for a smoother customers’ relationships. However, only 1% of the organizations are able to measure their prospect’s engagement.

Some of the main reasons why it is challenging to connect with the clients are the insufficient and outdated ways of gaining the useful insights, as well as launching the engagement strategies accordingly. For completing these goals, you have to explore the innovative ways of connecting with the prospects, and Salesforce Lightning Experience is a great chance to place the clients at the core of the business. So, let’s investigate the main capabilities of the platform, as well as find out how your company can benefit from it.

Salesforce Lightning Experience: Introduction Aspects

Salesforce has been contributing a lot of changes into the CRM era, and in August 2015 launched an advanced platform - Salesforce Lightning Experience. The solution is a powerful multi-tenant, next-generation metadata system that includes a completely new interface and offers consistent, modern user experience across any devices. Besides the Salesforce App Builder for creating custom applications provided by the updated platform, you can benefit from the following advantages:

  • The Lightning Experience homepage gives a possibility to track your progress with performance charts, as well as customize the homepage to surface the information and work required right upon login. Besides, the platform offers a new feature, the Assistant, that helps you identify what exactly to work on today.

  • Out-of-the-box Views do not only represent the analytics but include the “smart” capabilities remembering what views are most commonly accessed by each user.  In other words, the data is displayed more dynamically and visually than ever before.

  • Platform offers the re-imagined opportunity page layout that was designed to let you observe the main details of the opportunity in the highlights panel and leverage the activity composer to create notes, tasks, emails and phone calls faster.

  • Salesforce always had an efficient analytics engine, the Lightning Experience is not an exception. The upgraded platform allows for spanning columns and adjustable components that help you build the flexible dashboards with the dynamic layouts. Moreover, you can modify the chart types right on a report without to click through to the setup page.

As you can see, the new Salesforce version comprises a number of advanced functionality options for boosting the business processes and enhancing the customer experience. With the help of the above-mentioned information, you can state that Salesforce Lightning Experience is:

  1. Smarter. The interactive homepage makes it easy to overview the main deal details, as well as the instant alerts let you adjust the strategy with the latest information.

  2. Faster. The solution offers you to speed up the sales with drag-and-drop ease. Insightful suggestions power your organization to the next stage in your sales cycle.

  3. Mobile. Your mobile device now becomes your base, from viewing scheduled events to getting updates on accounts on the go.

  4. Customizable. Lightning offers a new look with a structure and process that works for how you require to sell.

To wrap up, check out the visuals and gain more useful insights in the introduction video:

By and large, if you are using the Salesforce Classic and want to use Lighting edition, you can easily switch between the two as the platforms can work in unison. However, in case you are thinking to move the CRM records from another platform to SF Lightning Experience, then take advantage of an automated migration service Trujay. The SaaS will let you perform the data transition fast and securely with the help of the following features:

  • guaranteed security and elimination of any data loss;
  • free Demo Migration to check the process in action;
  • fields and modules mapping in accordance with your business requirements;
  • total uptime of the existing and future CRMs.

Besides, you need to complete only a few steps for migrating to Salesforce Lightning Experience effortlessly:  

  1. provide the access credentials of the current and desired systems;
  2. select the items you want to migrate, as well as map the fields and users;
  3. run a free Demo Migration to observe if the service works in the right way.
  4. click on Start Full Migration to complete the data import.

Final Conclusion

The Salesforce Lightning Experience is a brainchild to mother of the necessity to build the coherent user experience and father of intelligent and modern design. So, if you want to explore the new business possibilities, it is time considering the advanced CRM features and transitioning to the Salesforce Lightning Experience.

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