Salesforce for Mobile: Hit the Trail and Stay Connected

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Salesforce for Mobile: Hit the Trail and Stay Connected

Nowadays, the mobile software are revolutionizing the relationships between the different companies and their clients. It is well-known that both customers and employees spend more time on the cell phones or other devices.That is why the mobile CRM is becoming crucial to unify these 2 groups and simplify their communication.

Since Salesforce is one of the most popular and practical solutions on the CRM market, the capabilities of Salesforce for mobile are robust and efficient. So, let’s dive deeper into the mobile features of this solution, as well as outline the main objectives you can conquer with the help of the platform.

Salesforce for Mobile: 10 Reasons to Run Your Company from the Phone

Mobile CRM enables you to work on the go by using the mobile devices like the smartphones and tablets to access the required data about customers whenever they are. This platform helps to perform everything you would do from the laptop but with streamlined menus and fewer swipes and clicks. Thus, Salesforce for mobile is designed with user efficiency and intuitive navigation in mind, as well as offers you an opportunity to benefit from:

  • Collaborate instantly. Collaboration and Groups provide you with the possibility to access feeds, groups, people, and files to communicate with the prospects and existing clients or colleagues anywhere.
  • Pull up sales figures with a tap. Dashboards and Reports speed the decision-making with real-time views for sales, service, marketing, and company performance.
  • Organize your day. Today enables you with a compelling view and reminders about all account details, meetings, tasks, etc. whenever you want.
  • Manage your leads efficiently. Lead tracking provides you with an opportunity to see all current leads, and convert on the go.
  • Observe the urgent messages. Notification Center helps you discover the most important posts and approval requests in one single location.
  • Easily find what you need. Smart Search offers you to find the info you require at the moment of need. Also, you can explore the records by list and recently accessed records, or perform the global queries.
  • Close deals faster. The Sales Productivity apps offer you to determine and see where you are in the process, as well as what's essential at each stage.
  • Fly through your to-do list. Task Organization includes a perfect view of creating, sorting, reviewing and checking off the tasks in one place.
  • Personalize with partner apps. AppExchange is your route to personalization and customization. You can easily solve any company demand or issue with thousands of mobile apps that integrate with Salesforce seamlessly.
  • Build custom apps with clicks or code. The custom components let you easily assemble the custom applications to exactly satisfy the business requirements and your customers’ necessities.

As you can see, Salesforce for mobile enables you to have all required information at your fingertips. In case you are interested in the platform and ready to transfer the records to Salesforce with the efficient mobile functionality, it is suggested to find a right migration tool. So, you can take advantage of the automated migration service Trujay to move the items fast, accurately and securely. Also, you can benefit from the following functionality of the automated tool:

  • guaranteed security of your database;
  • no disruption of the business workflow;
  • modules mapping in accordance with your company demands;
  • opportunity to see the SaaS in action by launching a free Demo Migration.

How to Perform the Salesforce Data Import Smoothly?

data import

When the selection of the right platform and migration tool is over, it is recommended to complete the several pre-switch activities:

  • make data arrangements and delete the redundant records;
  • prepare a backup to exclude any data loss;
  • test a new solution and launch a free trial of the future CRM;
  • announce the employees for the upcoming changes.

Then, proceed with 4 simple steps and perform the CRM migration hassle-free:

  1. register your account at and sign in;
  2. fill out the access credentials of the current platform and Salesforce;
  3. generate the modules mapping and utilize test run to validate the migration results;
  4. launch the CRM data import from the existing platform to the desired one.

Now, you can take a few more steps for the successful Salesforce implementation and configuration:

  • check whether all migrated items are in the right places;
  • create the personalized workflow rules;
  • set up the specific filters for reporting tools;
  • continue to provide your employees with the Salesforce tutorials.

The Last Slice

Salesforce for mobile offers you a wide range of possibilities starting from logging, monitoring, collecting, updating, etc. clients’ data to closing the most important deals whenever you are. The capabilities of this platform can help you move forward to the new heights and achieve the desired success.

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