Salesforce to OroCRM Migration: Giant Leap for Business Elaboration [+Video]

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Salesforce to OroCRM Migration: Giant Leap for Business Elaboration [+Video]

The innovative business doesn’t operate the up-to-the-minute equipment but thinks about its customer, and the quality of a product or service it provides. Obviously, an amount of your profits depends on your clients. Nowadays CRM software enhances the process of building solid and long-lasting relationships with prospects. Definitely, the CRM systems offer automation of sales and marketing performance and many other useful and effective tools. The numerous platforms may cloud your mind. With the aim of saving your time, we offer you to take a look at Salesforce and OroCRM.

Salesforce vs OroCRM: How to Earn Customer’s Loyalty

The choice of these CRM solutions seem to be awkward, but despite the generation gap OroCRM can be a match for Salesforce. So, let’s compare these platforms from different angles. is a robust cloud solution that lives up to its reputation of a strong partner in profitable sales, wise marketing, and multi-channel customer service.

OroCRM is a quite ‘young’ system but offers compatible tool and feature sets for facilitation of the complex business processes, intelligent approaches to campaigns running and reliable client’s issues resolution.

  • Know Your Prospects

Salesforce provides you with a 360-degree customer view on a single dashboard. You can see all related records, documents, and tags to a certain contact. The solution also supplies these data with insights from social media.

OroCRM offers you a full picture of your client with communication, buying and case histories. You may add extra fields for importing the vital information to the customer portfolio. The platform allows you to set up specific conditions for real-time data updating.

  • Personalized Marketing

Due to territory management, Salesforce empowers you with multi-channel and targeted marketing campaigns. On the basis of clients’ groups, you may design a specific messages and offers that engage more prospects.

OroCRM focuses on your customer’s needs and provides you with a customer segmentation tool. So, you may divide your prospects according to certain criteria and create personalized campaigns. The platform offers you the option of tracking client’s behavior that enhances the process of targeted project planning.

  • Fast and Reliable Customer Support

With Salesforce opportunities, you may provide your prospects with fast and outstanding customer support service. Your prospects can receive reliable and exhaustive answers to their questions via phone, email, and social media.

OroCRM aims to advance company-customer interaction using monitoring case histories and generating ready-to-use problem solutions and tips. The platform creates opportunities for the unrivalled shopping experience and quick customer service.

Automated Migration: Virtues of Swift Process

You think that OroCRM is just the job for accomplishing your business objectives, but still has two minds about CRM migration? Trujay, an automated web-based service, provides its users with a unique and beneficial option of direct and secure Salesforce to OroCRM migration. The SaaS requires no technical background or additional installations. The process lasts up to few hours and guarantees the uptime of your current CRM.

Short Instructions for Swift Salesforce to OroCRM Migration

Step 1. Create Your Trujay Account

Go to and sign up. Provide your login and password.


Step 2. Specify Your Source CRM

Define your Salesforce CRM type from the list.

Step 3. Provide Your Target CRM Details

Choose your OroCRM software type from the drop-down menu, and enter your login and  access API key. To find it, sign in your OroCRM account, go to ‘My User’, there you’ll find your API key - copy and paste it into the corresponding box of a  migration wizard.

Step 4. Select Migration Options

Specify the CRM modules (contacts, accounts, leads, tasks and opportunities) you want to switch to OroCRM. You can migrate selected options or all at once. Run your free Demo Migration. Trujay will migrate up to 10 items of specified modules for you to see how the service actually works.

Step 5. Start Full Migration

In case you are satisfied with the results, start your full Salesforce to OroCRM Migration.


This review uncovered all the secrets of a fast and automated Salesforce to OroCRM migration. If you still feel some doubts, start a free Demo Migration to OroCRM and dispel all your concerns. Bring your company to a new level with the numerous loyal and satisfied customers.

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