Salesforce Setup Guide [+Video Inside]

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Salesforce Setup Guide [+Video Inside]

 Implementing a CRM application can be a challenging project especially for organizations with multiple departments. In order to achieve good results at the end, you have to start from the right and accurate platform setup at the beginning. So, it is necessary to create a thorough-planned approach to get the system up and running. Let’s go over the main stages of Salesforce configuration and find out how you can maintain a focus on the customer in a simpler and faster way.

Salesforce platform is a fully-functional solution with a wide range of various capabilities. The system was launched in 1999, and more than 100,000 companies of all sizes use CRM around the world today. It helps easily manage your contacts, organizations, prospects, opportunities. So, let’s start Salesforce setting up from the very basics.

Users Management

In Salesforce, every user is identified by a username, password, and single profile. It is important to set up a role hierarchy first to control how your team reports on and accesses data. This way you connect actual users with profiles, so they can log in and reach the data that's appropriate for them. In order to discover the ways of managing users, you can watch the video by Brad4ce:

Lead Functionality

Salesforce lead management system enables you to enter the lead information manually, import data with the help of other application integrations or automatically capture them from your website. With available reports, you can control the conversion rates as well as merging duplicates to ensure high-quality data and record all lead activity. Explore more information on managing leads with next instructions filmed by SaaSSolutionsMedia:

Salesforce Reporting

Salesforce real-time reporting capabilities and dashboards allow your sales team to analyze easily the metrics that matter most. The platform provides dozens of standard reports, but the most popular ones are active accounts, account owners, leads by source, opportunity pipeline, closed opportunities, quarterly forecast summary, contact role, etc. Find out a number of tips on SF reports with the next video made by Penrod Software:

Utilizing Chatter

Salesforce Chatter allows you to communicate fast and easy directly at your CRM. The collaboration on deals as well as creating chatter groups helps company team to interact directly on the relevant records, so conversations are documented in the context.

Salesforce offers two Chatter versions that depends on your company needs.  With the purchase of one CRM license, you can get a free option with basic collaboration for your whole company (up to 5,000 employees). These users can access standard Chatter items such as people, profiles, groups, and files, but they can’t access any Salesforce objects or data. There is also Plus Chatter for $15 per user per month that includes social collaboration together with CRM  features and customization.

Check out a video on how to implement Salesforce Chatter for better internal communications provided by Alex Zarowny:

Final Thoughts

To conclude, all information and tutorials above should cover the key points of Salesforce implementation to make sure your system is rocking out. In addition, if you are interested in other important facts about this solution, you can reach out our expert to get more information.

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