Salesforce to SugarCRM: Turn a CRM Migration to a Fine Art [Prezi]

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Salesforce to SugarCRM: Turn a CRM Migration to a Fine Art [Prezi]

The knowledge of your clients brings you a powerful base for targeted sales and marketing, in this innovative and feature-rich CRM software helps to provide outstanding buying experience and customer service. The avalanche of CRM platforms with an untold tool and options sets may be quite discouraging. However, Salesforce is the most popular cloud solution that has a strong competitor with wealth and practical features - SugarCRM. So, the following Salesforce to SugarCRM comparison will be interesting for you.

Salesforce vs SugarCRM: Who Will Play Second Fiddle

Salesforce is the first cloud CRM that has a broad audience of vendors and business owners who appreciate and run their organization with the help of this software. The solution enhances the main business processes and offers efficient tools that increase company’s ROI and prospect conversion.

The CRM may fulfill the demands of small businesses and large enterprises. Salesforce offers 4 editions that have different price and feature sets.

  • Group (up to 5 users) - $25 user/month
  • Professional (any size business) - $65 user/month
  • Enterprise (extended customization abilities) - $125 user/month
  • Unlimited (robust support) - $250 user/month

SugarCRM is a solid and reputable CRM system that associated with powerful and profitable business running. The software uses a multi-channel approach to sales and marketing performance and helps you to provide the unrivaled and reliable customer support. You may set up peculiar rules and conditions for reporting abilities.

Despite the size of your business, SugarCRM aims at advancing and elaborating your organizations. The software offers the versions with graded costs for opportunities.

  • Sugar Professional ($35 user/month)
  • Sugar Enterprise ($60 user/month)
  • Sugar Ultimate ($150 user/month)

So, we come up with the conclusion that Salesforce and SugarCRM are the robust CRM platforms that won’t give up the struggle for the most efficient ally in the business running.

Still, have two minds about Salesforce to SugarCRM migration? Check this prezi out and take a final decision. There you will find practical advice for preparing your database for the switch. Apart from critical facts review, you will find a comprehensive step-by-step instruction of Salesforce to SugarCRM migration.

It goes without saying, these CRM platforms have the opportunities to drive your organizations to new business heights. In case you decided to move from Salesforce to SugarCRM, yet you keep your options open. Save you time and money, and start a free Demo Migration to SugarCRM. See how automated service facilitates the process of your company reorganizing.

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