Salesforce to SuiteCRM Migration: Reasons And Causes [+Video]

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Salesforce to SuiteCRM Migration: Reasons And Causes [+Video]

Leading a profitable business requires innovative and flexible CRM software that provides effective sales and innovative campaigns. One more important aspect is keeping up with the changes and tendencies of the market. It is very easy to acquire lowering income levels and poor techniques of projects planning and performance. If you are serious about achieving your objectives and getting more satisfied customers, changing of your current CRM software might be a wise investment. How to choose the most appropriate CRM system specifically for your company? The immense diversity makes the decision more challenging. Salesforce and SuiteCRM are two elaborated and practical solutions that are worthy of closer review. Clue Features for Sales is one the most popular CRM system with productive sales tools, effective marketing, and sufficient customer support.

  • Elaborate marketing campaigns enable with the rise of revenue and deploy of lead scoring and upgrading.
  • Console for sales offers the control of the teams’ work and permits access to the detailed information concerning projects and campaigns performance.
  • Opportunity management shows the stages of deal performances while contact tracking offers extended insights from social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Reporting abilities display the real-time status of sales, service and third-party data.
  • In case you facing some challenges, Salesforce offers such options as a knowledge base, blog, training, user guides and videos for improving your abilities to drive your CRM system.
  • For solving customers requests, there are phone, email, and social media support, as well as live chat and various forums.

SuiteCRM: Vital Element of Dynamic Marketing

SuiteCRM is a rich-featured CRM software which enables with efficient selling opportunities, knowledgeable and appealing marketing, as well as customer-oriented services for increasing loyalty.

  • Lead tracking helps to enlarge the number of beneficial clients and find out more prospective customers.
  • Email campaign is a key tool in SuiteCRM marketing. Besides informing your clients about new products and services, you can draw their interest and engage to new projects.
  • Workflow management is a significant option in work optimization that enables you with the creating and assigning tasks and leads to your departments or workers. It also can design and trigger sending out of calls, emails, and notification.
  • With SuiteCRM, you can gather quotes and generate them into orders and shorten the time for accomplishing client’s request. Due to this, the offer of fast and qualitative service performance will enlarge the number of satisfied customers.
  • Opportunity management provides you with controlling the deals processes, recording the potential revenue and visualizing of the sales the updated sales history.
  • Diverse reporting focuses on capturing new leads and targeting customers. Gathering information from social media and forums provides the list of offers.
  • Support cases provide the identification and prioritizing of the complications faced by clients. The distribution of the issues enables you with providing the apt solutions in a short time.

Sensible Suggestion

You are sure that SuiteCRM will keep your business in a great fit for prolific sales and stimulating marketing campaigns, but the question is how to move? Trujay offers the advantageous opportunity of automated and accurate migration. This online service may migrate your CRM data from Salesforce to SuiteCRM in a fast and secure way.

Video-Guide about Salesforce to SuiteCRM Migration

How to Migrate from Salesforce to SuiteCRM in 6 Steps

Step 1. Sign In Your Trujay Account

Go to and register. Provide your name, email, and password.


Step 2. Select Your Current CRM

Choose your Salesforce CRM type from a drop-down list.

Then you’ll be redirected to your admin account, if you are already login, all you need is to press “Allow” button. Trujay migration is suitable for all Salesforce Editions.


Step 3. Provide Your Target CRM Details

Specify SuiteCRM URL, and then type in your login and password.

If you haven’t set up your new SuiteCRM, it’s not a problem. Trujay allows you to migrate your data to the test Suite in order to evaluate both the migration process and CRM functionality. All you have to do is just check the box in the migration wizard and all your data will be moved automatedly to the test CRM.

Step 4. Specify Additional Migration Options

Choose from the given modules (accounts, contacts, tasks, opportunities and leads) those which you wish to migrate. Launch your Demo migration. During this process, Trujay will migrate up to 10 items of specified modules for you to evaluate the work of the service.


Step 5. Start Full Salesforce to SuiteCRM Migration

In case you are satisfied with the outcomes, start your full Salesforce to SuiteCRM Migration.

If you are still hesitant, don’t waste your time and money. Start your free Demo Salesforce to SuiteCRM migration and all your doubts will vanish into thin air. Become an outstanding business owner of a prosperous company with SuiteCRM.

Learn more about why and how you should migrate to SuiteCRM.

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