Salesforce to Pipedrive Migration: Your Suitable Alternative

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Salesforce to Pipedrive Migration: Your Suitable Alternative

Salesforce is one of the best and the most used solutions for the enterprise. Therefore, its usage is a popular choice among the business owners. But, what platform is suitable for the small companies or the newborn entrepreneurs? They want to have a simple and understandable CRM system for the sales. Also, the system should be low-cost (which is hard to say about Salesforce pricing). In this case, it is suggested that the Pipedrive will become your choice. In this article, we will consider the critical properties of both the CRM to help you make the right decision for your business. So, we hope that it will help you to understand whether Salesforce to Pipedrive migration is your way out.


What CRM to choose?

Five Key Features to Regard While Choosing a CRM:
  1. Business size
    Choosing the CRM according to the company size is important. Typically, a team of few sellers does not need a robust and costly solution. That is a critical decision because there are no "single size" platforms.
  2. Industry of usage
    The sales teams need a specialized CRM that will ensure its effectiveness and performance. Ordinary project management is not able to benefit their requests. For example, the business owners need a solution that will take into account the budget, desired points, make in-depth reporting and give a good pipeline overview.
  3. Customization possibilities
    The small companies and start-up need to customize CRM software as quickly as possible according to their customer base growth. Otherwise, the CRM for enterprise needs to ensure the relationship with customers and control a mass of the information at the same time. That is why those solutions cost more and are not that simple to use.
  4. Budget
    In case you are looking for the free solution, CRM market will disappoint you as anyone is not free at all. But, there are many low-cost platforms.
  5. Support
    Make sure that the chosen software has a live chat or phone support during your company’s operating hours. As well, a good-to-stellar support reputation values too.
    That is the way your software issue will be solved fast yet not in a few days.


salesforce to pipedrive

Note: All info, prices, and data in the Salesforce vs Pipedrive table were last verified on Nov, 2017.

Which CRM is the Best?

There is no single universal and "right" solution to meet the needs of each business. You should analyze the company's requirements in detail and find the tool that matches. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to Pipedrive if you choose a new CRM.

The sellers created Pipedrive CRM for the sellers. Therefore, it has a beautiful pipeline view and ensures the sales team performance.
You will be able to sell and make deals from anywhere with the mobile apps.

So, the Salesforce to Pipedrive migration makes sense if your business accent is on sales.

How to Migrate Data From Salesforce to Pipedrive

Let’s find out how to migrate Salesforce to Pipedrive flavness.

Pipedrive has an open API. That ensures the wide integration possibilities of solution. Simply put, the platform integrates with almost all the CRM systems and applications.

To make your data transition less time-consuming and unaffordable, take advantage of the automated migration service Trujay.

The SaaS benefits its users with the following functionality:

  • Data security and Privacy. Trujay complies with the GDPR requirements. The service excludes the possibility of the records loss. As well, you can sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
  • Data Mapping. Trujay offers its users the possibility to map modules and users their own. Also, the system warns the users about the unmapped field and delivers them to choose the available options.Some CRM systems do not allow to access the custom fields. But, Trujay users can complete their data transfer with the Service Package.

    To get the useful info about data mapping and instruction about how to provide it on your own, visit Trujay mapping FAQ.

  • Users Mapping. Select the future CRM user to assign the current CRM user’s data to it. You can create the user on the future platform. Then, reload a page and see the changes.
  • 100% Uptime for Both CRMs. The service eliminates the business delay during the CRM data import.
  • Free Coding and Copy/Pasting. The automated tool can help you to perform the migration without the time-consuming work.
  • Demo Migration. You can run a free Demo Migration and check the SaaS in action. The service will transfer the limited amount of data together with relations between the records.
  • No duplication. Trujay can help you migrate data without copies.

Both solutions are great. They are entirely unlike each other, so cannot be competitors. Therefore, it is business owner’s responsibility to conduct the all-round analysis of the company to understand its real needs and choose a platform that can meet the requirements best. So, deciding to migrate Salesforce to Pipedrive or not is up to you.

Trujay Client’s Testimonial

salesforce to pipedrive

Final Pie

Get more in-depth Salesforce vs Pipedrive comparison from Trujay.
Or transfer a piece of the real data into Pipedrive and check out how it will look in the desired CRM using a free automatic Salesforce to Pipedrive Demo Migration.

Learn more about why and how you should migrate to Pipedrive.

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