Salesforce vs Insightly: Dilemma Game

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Salesforce vs Insightly: Dilemma Game

Our life has such fixed and inevitable attributes as change, choice, and principles. The same pattern you can observe while considering about CRM software implementation. First of all, you come to grips with the fact that your business requires some far-reaching change. At the second stage, you had to choose the most appropriate CRM solution from the abundance of available options. So, Salesforce vs Insightly are the robust alternatives with high chances of financial improvement. Now you are facing the last but not least phase; you need to compare tool sets and principles of each platform. To save your time, we offer you a detailed and contrasted review of Salesforce and Insightly.

Salesforce vs Insightly: Side-by-Side CRM Comparison

Salesforce is a reputable and worldly-wise cloud CRM solution that provides its users with unique and reliable features and options for facilitation the complex business processes and offering your customers enriching buying experience.

Being founded in 2009, Insightly has already drawn a broad audience of vendors. The CRM platform became an active counterpart in CRM market due to its wealth tool and opportunity sets for improving company’s performance, deep insights into social media and high-grade customer service. So, Salesforce vs Insightly comparison proves its worth.

Productivity tools: Fixed Way of Management

  • Salesforce empowers you with a full picture of your customer with tagged related records and constant real-time updating. Lead management brings new prospect, and customer segmentation scores your standing and future clients into specific groups. Due to this option, you may improve targeted campaigns planning.
  • Insightly offers a comprehensive customer portfolio that completed with the records from social media. The solution helps you to gather new leads and engage them in specific campaigns. Using the behavioral and buying histories, you may plan targeted offers projects and personalized campaigns.

Buckle Down Your Sales

  • Due to sales performance management, forecasting ability and access to the real-time data, Salesforce offers you the capabilities of monitoring and accelerating every stage of your deal closing.
  • Insightly displays every stage of your business performance in a sales pipeline. This customizable tool allows you to change and improve separate phases of your project processes.

Master Your Time and Efforts

  • You may optimize your work with Salesforce workflow. You can set up specific rules and conditions that will update customer database, trigger email sending out and distribute tasks across company’s departments.
  • Insightly provides you with a workflow that automates the major business processes, updates fields, sends out emails and notifications. You may also set up special filters for leads assignment to your sales workers.

Chapter of Integration and Usability

  • Apart from a user-friendly interface, Salesforce provides you with built-in document sharing that enhances collaboration within the company. The platform integrates with various adds-on that develops systems scalability. To increase the uptime, mobile app offers the access to the database anytime and anywhere.
  • Insightly lives up to its reputation of easy-to-use software and integrates with the most popular social media. You may also create access permissions to certain company’s data. The platform integrates with Dropbox that facilitates records sharing and Evernote that synchronizes your data.

Make a Headway in Customer Support

  • Salesforce empowers you with tools that offer a fast and reliable customer’s issue resolvent and observes the case histories to avoid the most common questions. It also uses multi-channel support (phone, email, social media, portal) to your clients.
  • Insightly offers you a call center management for quick solutions to client’s requests. With the self-service portal, your prospects can communicate and share some information. You may use the knowledge base and provide your customers with relevant information and advice.

Fixture of Reporting and Analytics

  • Salesforce offers you extended reporting abilities that can be customized to your needs. The received data helps to calculate campaigns ROI and company’s profits, as well as plan future expenses and projects.
  • Insightly provides you with standard analytics and specified reports about lead gathering, deal closing, every department and separate worker performance. Apart from estimating your profits, you may set up future budget and elaborate marketing campaigns.

Bear the Costs

Salesforce presents 4 pricing versions. Each edition has a various tool and feature sets and can satisfy the demands of any businesses.

  • Group (up to 5 users) - $25 user/month
  • Professional (any size business) - $65 user/month
  • Enterprise (extended customization abilities) - $125 user/month
  • Unlimited (robust support) - $250 user/month

Insightly offers a free plan Gratis that can host up to 3 users and two paid versions.

  • Standard ($7 user/month - billed annually and $9 user/month - billed monthly)
  • Enterprise (requires contacting Sales managers)

Drawing Up the Outcome

It goes without saying that CRM facilitates complex business processes and increases company’s achievements. So, the conclusion from Salesforce vs Insightly comparison shows that both CRM platforms have solid and effective tools for advancing your business performance and offering unrivaled customer experience. However, only you can say which of these solutions will accomplish your business objectives successfully.

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