Salesforce vs SugarCRM Comparison: Who Wins the Rivalry?

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Salesforce vs SugarCRM Comparison: Who Wins the Rivalry?

Today’s CRM market is jam-packed with different solutions. The variety of the platforms makes the businesses even more confused. Though the organizations are still searching for something more advanced, they are drawn to the functionality options and tools floating around the web. At this point, you understand that it is not an easy task to find the wonder-working remedy.

When it comes to picking out between the robust competitors like Salesforce CRM and SugarCRM, analyze how much time and efforts to put into the process. To simplify your undertaking, let’s focus on the pros and cons of these two solutions.

Salesforce vs. SugarCRM: Comparison Aspects

Global CRM giants, Salesforce and SugarCRM, were launched in 1999 and 2004 respectively and both based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The systems are the leading software for companies of various sizes. To be more specific, Salesforce is a popular choice for mid-size and enterprises. SugarCRM is mostly admired by the smaller companies. To investigate SugarCRM vs. Salesforce rivalry, check out the solutions’ essential characteristics:

UI & Navigation

Salesforce shows various objects across the top part of the homepage. Each user can obtain their set of tabs, as determined by “Apps” (a group of tabs that appears in the particular order). A left sidebar displays recent items and lets you create new contacts swiftly. Record-to-record navigation takes place within a single browser tab, where no windows open by default.

SugarCRM provides a set of tabs for access entities in the top bar, that also has a global search box and a “quick create’’ button. Module drop-down menus show choices for building records, looking at reports, as well as observe recently viewed items and favorites. The information for the active record can be seen on the top of the screen. On the right, you can find the multiple dashboards.

User Options

In Salesforce, you get an opportunity to customize the tabs and set the appearance or order of the related lists within each object. Also, you can access the email settings like a signature, for emails that are sent from within the platform. Some notification and follow options that pertain to Salesforce Chatter can be utilized into your workflow.

As a SugarCRM user, set up the navigation bar tab order, as well as hide specific ones. Moreover, you can select Locale Settings like time or currency format. The system enables you with the ability to choose a specific theme for the user interface.

Duplicate Detection and Merge

Salesforce manages to check for any items that match the Lead module you are currently. The results show across the Lead, Account, Contact and Opportunity modules. There is a possibility to merge up to 3 records into one. Salesforce includes an interface for choosing the “best” data fields for the Master Record, while the losing ones drop into the Recycling Bin.

SugarCRM allows you discover the duplicates within entities such as Accounts, Contacts, Cases, Leads, Opportunities, or Bug Tracker. You can pick out the particular fields for the duplicate criteria, then merge the records. The deleted ones are kept in the database, but no longer appear in the system. There is no limitation to the amount of modules that can be merged into single one.

Reports and Dashboards

Considering the fact that CRM analytics offers the opportunities to gain more accurate picture of customer’s behavior and revenue, Salesforce provides the following features:

  • the solution includes drag and drop report writer that lets you build reports in tabular, matrix or summary format
  • the platform comprises the associated charts, where the Chart Editor allows you to select the type and data points
  • starting from Enterprise Edition, you can take advantage of the Custom Report Type. The administrator can determine the objects to display to you the date of creation and identify the relationships between these shown items for cross purpose reporting (up to 4)
  • the Professional Edition and higher offers Customizable Dashboards. A number of report based charts can be arranged on a tab as different Dashboards.
  • the system has a default Adoption Dashboard that provides the data about what extent various users are utilizing the application
  • the Forecasting functionality enables you to set quotas per sales rep, and then Opportunity forecast categories can be connected with quotas by time frame.

SugarCRM also has the power to tell you what the memory of the last week or year. Even though the platform has less reporting choices, you can take advantage of their simplicity.  The solution’s analytics is presented by 4 types and includes the next options:

  1. the platform lets you build the reports with a Report Wizard, where a new report can be build from scratch
  2. when creating a report, the wizard progresses through:
  • select a module;
  • define filters;
  • identify criteria to group by;
  • choose display summaries;
  • and choose chart options
  • 3. the system offers 5 chart types:
  • horizontal bar, vertical bar;
  • pie; funnel;
  • and line.

They can be shown below the report or added to the layout on a Home screen.

Price Matter

Salesforce editions range from a basic Contact Manager program that only costs $25 per user per month, to an Unlimited program that for $300 per user per month.

SugarCRM subscriptions include Sugar Professional ($35 per user per month), Enterprise ($60) and Ultimate ($150).

Drawing the Bottom Line

Salesforce CRM vs SugarCRM is one of the primary discussions in CRM world nowadays. Both solutions have upsides and drawbacks. Salesforce obtains a larger number of subscriptions but is more expensive, and has a steep learning curve. SugarCRM is a comprehensive platform for SMBs without complexity and cost of Salesforce.

P.S. To learn about how to migrate to anyone of the mentioned platforms, contact our expert.



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