Salesforce to Zoho: Comprehensive Migration Guidelines [+Video]

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Salesforce to Zoho: Comprehensive Migration Guidelines [+Video]

CRM software plays a vital part in running a profitable business. The market tendencies alter, and you need to be very inventive and flexible for keeping your clients satisfied. So, how to choose the appropriate system that will meet the needs of company and customer? The diverse variants can confuse any business owner. However, there are two options - Salesforce and Zoho that are worthy your attention.

Salesforce: Focus on Sales

Salesforce is a cloud CRM, software for successful business running and productive revenue rates. The system has years of experience in the managing of customer relationship and offers wise solutions for effective marketing campaigns. Let’s take a closer view of the features and tools which Salesforce offers to its users.

  • Marketing management offers a set of tool for designing and performing campaigns starting from the lead and finishing with the money reward. The ability to present your product in social media improves the sales levels and brings more clients.
  • With the help of sales console, you can monitor your team’s progress and the stages of deals. This tool enables the fast insights in lead status and the access to company’s information optimizes the work process.
  • You may easily develop your productivity with analytics and forecasting capabilities of Salesforce. You can customize reports and get the real-time condition of sales, service and third-party data. Using this information, you will be able to calculate your revenue, opportunities, and prospects for launching new campaigns.
  • The platform provides a high-level customer support via social service, knowledge base, and clients’ communities.

Zoho: Improve Your Marketing

Zoho is a web-based solution for efficient sales, and instructive and wise marketing that brings more valuable clients and leads. The platform provides you with the automation of the primary business process and connection with the customers through social networks for efficient and qualitative service. Zoho offers you the following opportunities for constant development.

  • You can enlarge your contact list with the help of lead capturing. Zoho offers a feature for a tracking your visitors that enables you to engage them in a dialogue and attract with your level of service.
  • The marketing performance places its focal point on the email campaigns. You can specify the client requirements, prospects of leads and forecast sales level, as well as define advantages, for designing the effective messages and advertisements.
  • The extended reporting abilities enhance the process of planning targeted offers and designing beneficial and dynamic campaigns.
  • The powerful workflow will automate such process as lead and tasks distribution, as well as sending out of emails, notifications and alerts. So, you can focus on sales strategy instead of data managing.
  • Zoho enables you with customer segmentation that has a vital influence on planning targeted offers and launching campaigns of specified products or services.
  • In case, you are willing to improve the scalability of your CRM system; you can employ the add-ons and third-party applications for increasing the sales productivity and administration management.

Helpful Advice

You are sure that Zoho can fulfill your objectives and satisfy your clients, but consider about a safe and fast CRM data switch? Trujay gives you a hand in this case. This online service can provide you with an automated, accurate and hands-off migration from Salesforce to Zoho. The process requires no technical skills and will last up to few hours.

How to Migrate Salesforce to Zoho in 6 Steps [Video]

Step 1. Create Your Trujay Account

Go to and sign up.


Step 2. Specify Your Source CRM Select Source CRM type. In your case choose Salesforce.

Then you'll be redirected to your Salesforce account, in case you are already login, all you need is just to press “Allow” button.

Step 3. Provide Your Target CRM Details

Specify your Zoho details: email and password.

Step 4. Choose Migration Options

Select the modules (contacts, accounts, leads, tasks and opportunities) you want to migrate to Zoho. You can move all or only specified option. Run the Demo migration. Trujay will migrate up to 10 items of specified modules for you to evaluate the service in progress.

Step 5. Start Salesforce to Zoho Migration

In case, the outcomes of the demo migration impressed you, start your Full Migration.

Don’t waste your time on doubts. Start your Salesforce to Zoho Demo Migration right now! Increase your productivity and efficiency with advantageous opportunities of Zoho and bring your company today.


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