How to Shift the Data from Zoho to Vtiger and What’s the Point?

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How to Shift the Data from Zoho to Vtiger and What’s the Point?

How to Shift the Data from Zoho to Vtiger and What’s the Point?


A CRM system is usually introduced into the routine of a company/business to ease up everyday processes, provide new opportunities, and overall help the employees make their work more efficient. After an initial “awkward” stage, the system becomes familiar, and you already can find your way around literally with your eyes shut.


However, in many instances, people make the decision to change their CRM to another one, which means lots of extra time and money expenses. So, what can be motivation enough to start seeking for ways of migration from your good old Zoho to Vtiger CRM?


  • Zoho is trusted by thousands of users as an affordable, feature-rich and quite user-friendly CRM. Vtiger attracts users by many of its advantages, so we’re just going to name a few of them and guide you through the migration process to avoid the hassle.
  • So, first of all, Vtiger is an open source CRM, which is where it wins over Zoho since it is licensed and doesn’t provide access to its source code. Open source also means great customizability, a wide choice of extensions, a strong community, and frequent updates.
  • Secondly, Vtiger is quite inexpensive. As an argument, one might say that the starting price is equal for both CRMs in question. Still, Vtiger provides features that are unavailable for the same price at Zoho (like customer service or inventory management).
  • Third, Vtiger offers out-of-the-box quotations, invoices, etc. that are particularly useful in the sales process and are lacking in Zoho, as well as project management features.
  • Finally, Vtiger works more smoothly for email marketing campaigns, providing 10000 emails/month as compared to Zoho’s 250 emails/day (the comparison of the equally priced plans).


So, as you can see, the migration from Zoho to Vtiger won’t be something like “bargaining one trouble for another”, but vice versa – can prove really beneficial.



Zoho to Vtiger Migration: Step-by-Step Instruction


Now, let’s get down to the switching itself. We will show you it’s actually much easier than you might have thought, thanks to the Trujay Migration service that’ll do all the heavy lifting and move your data automatically. No coding experience or quotation period needed.


1. Visit and register your account – just basic info.


2. Then, enter the web address of your Zoho CRM in the appropriate field, plus the access details for Zoho.

3. Next, you’ll need to provide the same details for your new Vtiger system – don’t worry, your private data will be 100% safe.

zoho to vtiger

4. That’s almost it – you can run a free Demo migration to see how well the service will move 10 of your Zoho leads, opportunities, accounts and tasks to Vtiger in minutes.

5. If you’re not interested in Demo or have already done it, just press the button “Start Full Migration” and have your data moved over from Zoho to Vtiger unbelievably easy!

zoho to vtiger results

Still in doubt – well, don’t be, start your CRM migration right now!


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