Shifting Data from Salesforce to Zoho: Full Value Affair [Infographic]

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Shifting Data from Salesforce to Zoho: Full Value Affair [Infographic]

Relationships with the customers are the ground for the success of any business. Building effective and trustworthy connections with the clients is the purpose of a CRM system. But among the great number of them available, picking the right tool is no less important than the qualified staff.

In this post, we are going to compare Salesforce to Zoho CRM to find out which of them can be the best match for your business.

Salesforce is the veteran of CRM industry, and frequently the top choice for large companies and businesses with sophisticated requirements. Being equipped with all the necessary features for effective marketing, sales, and customer service. It is also well fit for social media integration, mobile and offline access, as well as presents a unique tool for employee collaboration and chat - Chatter. For small and medium sized businesses along with startups, Salesforce may be too costly, plus many of the advanced features would just be overkill.

For smaller companies, Zoho CRM would make a better fit. It doesn’t concern the price only, but also the feature set, user-friendliness, and freemium pricing model. It implies the great ability to test out Zoho for an unlimited time before going for the paid editions with broader functionality. Apart from offering a CRM solution, Zoho presents other applications for business, like Zoho Mail, Documents, etc. which can be perfectly integrated with each other.

So, what are the reasons that can make you decide to go for Zoho as your CRM?

  1. You are on a tight budget - Zoho costs much cheaper than Salesforce while providing most of the similar features.
  2. You are planning to start a new team - Zoho interface is very intuitive, and the learning curve is short, so it will be quick to get the hang of the new CRM.
  3. You are a starting a new business - Zoho is a perfect choice for startups and SMBs, being not overloaded with complex functions, but which is enough for a start.
  4. You are still unsure about which CRM to choose - Zoho has a free plan for up to 3 users that can be used with no time limit.

So, if Zoho seems a system worth using, you can easily move your data from Salesforce to Zoho with no loss or interference in your company work. Do you want to know how? The infographic below contains the details.

Shifting Data from Salesforce to Zoho: Full Value Affair [Infographic]

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