How to Choose SMS Marketing Service to Get More Results

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How to Choose SMS Marketing Service to Get More Results

All businesses crave for a kind of elixir to upgrade their performance and revenue rates along with a stronger sense of brand loyalty. Aside from being a vital component in business growth puzzle, SMS marketing service is taking over a starring role as it creates a balance in a direct connecting to current and potential customers. Many organizations add this new feature to their campaigns due to the fact that SMS messages in contrast to email suffer from no filters and have higher delivery rates.

SMS Marketing Service Joins the Competition

Mobility has ingrained into our life, and we check the cell phone more often than the watch. There are two goals businesses are looking forward to achieving: gain maximum visibility of the messages and reduce the route to reach the targeted customers, and SMS marketing software can fulfill both of them.

The competition for eyeballs is on the rise, the relevant and timely-delivered content to customers is expected to provide measurable benefits to businesses. In that way, the more vendors are aiming to leverage the efforts correctly and seek for a SMS service to open up new opportunities for marketing performance and efficient budget expenses.

In-Thing Features for SMS Service

Balancing between the must-haves, and nice-to-haves, trends and innovations, collaboration and independent research, allows us to prevent falling victim of the limits imposed by the research and various industry predictions. While it may sound contradictory, the SMS marketing service helps to identify and better understand the human and technological realities. SMS marketing service allows sending short, direct messages with higher open and conversion rates than email.

Attempting to bridge the gap between your brand and customers, you should pay attention to the feature suit that SMS marketing software offers. Let’s unpack some of the most vital ones:

  • Auto-responds. Apart from the standard automated responses, this SMS service option should include the instant message to the opt-in customer about the type and frequency of messages that will be delivered to this phone number. Sounds like a minor thing, but it’s pretty important aspect of mobile marketing.

  • Free inbound messages. Ensure that you don’t pay for the replies from your customers to their carriers.

  • Short code. Choose the SMS service that provides you with leased 5 digits short codes. Otherwise, you will have to purchase them by yourself to run your SMS campaigns properly.

  • Online signup forms. To succeed in gathering opt-in leads and growing your list of subscribers, select SMS marketing software that supports the web signup forms.

  • Campaign management. This option includes such aspects as message personalization, list segmenting into groups, scheduling, and subscriber management. These are the key elements to using the SMS service to its full potential.

  • In-depth reporting. Before you jump to revenue calculation, a right amount of data and analysis have to happen. So, select the SMS marketing service that allows measuring the opt-in/opt-out tracking, delivery notifications, and insight into inbound responses.

Most critical business decisions are only as good as the data they’re based on. That refers to the fact that wise choice of SMS marketing service as the equally important basis for the effective campaigns.

5 SMS Marketing Software to Fresh and Effective Performance

Increasingly, more companies are looking for the SMS service that will simplify the complex processes. There're no doubts; it is important in the business sense to get a tool that will result in the richer experience for customers, and income development.

Here is a list of SMS marketing services that will troubleshoot and fix the issues you may face. The tools comply with the major requirements set for these solutions. Note that there is no particular preference for the apps and the numbers used to meeting them into the list.

#1 Getenger is an SMS marketing automation tool to growth the customer engagement, sales, and overall performance.

Key feature: Scheduling capabilities and custom subscriber signup page.  

Costs: starts with $10/mo.

#2 With TXT Impact, you get the SMS polls and surveys, SMS and MMS messages, and long local numbers for 25 countries.

Key feature: Business messaging that applies short codes, local, landline or toll-free number.

Costs: goes from $65/mo (2 keywords and 1500 credits).

#3 Texting Base tool includes all the key opportunities to help you proceeding with two-way, personalized SMS marketing performance.

Key feature: The SMS marketing service supports smart and location based groups of the subscribers and CSV data uploading.

Costs: starts with $20/mo for 500 messages.

#4 Tatango provides the messaging and campaign management capabilities, along with analytics and autoresponders. The SMS service also enhances the subscribers' management and offer API integrations.

Key feature: You can select a short code and get it deployed with the chosen carrier.

Costs: contact with the sales team to figure out the price of the service.

#5 The last but far not least SMS service, Teckst facilitates the customer service and relationship development via personalized text messages.

Key feature: The solution supports third-party services integration.

Costs: get in touch with the team to figure out the pricing plans.

Reaching Upshot

The possibilities are endless, and SMS marketing software opens fresh and efficient possibilities for scaling your marketing performance, sales rates climbing, and brand loyalty increase. Have you got a favorite SMS marketing service that helps to accelerate the growth of revenue and customer development? You’re welcome to share it in comments.

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