Solve360 to Insightly: Guide for Swift CRM Switch [Tutorial]

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Solve360 to Insightly: Guide for Swift CRM Switch [Tutorial]

Lots of companies are chasing the contemporary trend in developing a customer-oriented organization. CRM solutions play a vital role in achieving this far-reaching goal. Yet, each organization has a specific structure. Therefore, the avalanche of CRM systems continues to advance their abilities for meeting the raising demands.

CRM Initiative: Essence of Planning

Choosing a CRM platforms, many businesses were leading by the price of maintenance and options sets instead of defining their targeted customer and goals they need to achieve. As a result, some vendors consider about migrating from their current CRM. Being aware of the cloud CRM effectiveness, SMBs, and mid-size organizations run their deals and transactions with Solve360 or Insightly. Nevertheless, recently many businesses reconsider their strategies and reveal the urgent need for CRM transfer. So, migration from Solve360 to Insightly is viewed as a beneficial change.

Solve360 vs Insightly: Offer Outstanding Service

These two solutions are practical and effective. Solve360 and Insightly enable feature sets that may fulfil requirements of any size and industry companies. However, with Insightly vendors acquire customizable contact manager for storing and monitoring information. Besides, it is easily integrated with social media. The solution also provides options for project planning, monitoring, and forecasting. Another important ability is a lead management that helps to collect and qualify your future customers. With reporting, you will track the changes, measure the success and income, as well as improve ineffective activities. These opportunities attract businesses and help to align their sales and marketing strategies with CRM options. That’s why the migration from Solve360 to Insightly becomes more and more popular.

Practical and Accurate Data Switch

Many vendors hold back with the migration due to the fears of data losses or side interference. But with the automated service Trujay, you will exclude any side interference, programming or record importing. This online solution also guarantees the full uptime of the current system.

Easy-to-Follow Guidelines on Solve360 to Insightly Migration

Step 1. Visit and create your account.


Step 2. Provide your Solve360 URL, email, and API token.


Step 3. Select your Insightly from a drop-down menu and provide your API key.


Step 4. Choose CRM modules you want to migrate to Insightly (contacts, accounts, tasks, and opportunities). Set up a free demo. During this process, Trujay will transfer a limited amount of records from each specified module.



Step 5. In case you are satisfied with the demo results, you may start your full Solve360 to Insightly migration.

Still wasting your precious time on considerations about the CRM data switch? Launch a free demo migration and evaluate the web-based service in action. For custom fields, modules, attachments, emails, or other non-default data transfer, request a demo so Trujay team could prepare for you migration specificly for your business needs.


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