6 SugarCRM Alternatives to Manage Your Business

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6 SugarCRM Alternatives to Manage Your Business

Explore top 6 SugarCRM Alternatives in 2017

Today, CRM systems are the crucial tools for organizations of different shapes and sizes. The organizations use the software to handle the business relationships and build the long-lasting client relationships. Through the effective organization and sales automation functionality, the platforms assist companies in determining their audience, identifying the customer acquisition strategies, categorizing data to enhance the performance of the workflows and employees. However, some CRMs are powerful with a wide range of customizable options, while other solutions obtain the simple interfaces at the reasonable costs.

What are the Primary Reasons to Look for SugarCRM Alternatives?

Among a variety of the platforms, SugarCRM is one of the most popular solutions in the CRM market. Used more than 1.5 million people around the world, the platform attracts the companies of all sizes. SugarCRM stands out for the multi-channel marketing, efficient reporting, and effective automation of the sales funnel. The platform includes 3 paid subscriptions:

SugarCRM Pricing

  • Professional - $40/user/month/billed annually
  • Enterprise - $65/user/month/billed annually
  • Ultimate - $150/user/month/billed annually

All editions comprise a deep set of features, integration with social media and more than 114 apps, as well as offers the online support portal. However, the platform also includes some drawbacks that you should be aware of:

  • complex and confusing interface;
  • storage and customer support limits;
  • no free version is available;
  • missing some administration tools like flexible security models, etc.

Furthermore, with the help of Google Trends you can notice that SugarCRM popularity is slowing down for the past years:

SugarCRM Trends

Be and large, even though SugarCRM includes a number of the efficient features, you can feel overwhelmed with a variety of capabilities or notice the overinvestment in some functionality you hardly use. So, take a look at the main SugarCRM alternatives that can help you boost the company processes and improve the team performance for successful business running.

SugarCRM Alternatives: Move on to a Better Fitting Option

Salesforce CRM Overview

Salesforce - SugarCRM Alternatives

Salesforce is a leading platform that serves the companies of all sizes with the focus on the large enterprises. The system offers an opportunity to use the customized workflow of the sales and marketing automation to perform the essential activities automatedly. Furthermore, the platform includes the valuable capabilities like:

- Salesforce Engage

- Customer Accounts

- Track Deal Details

- Engaging Reports Creation

- Lead Management

Salesforce CRM Pricing

  • SalesforceIQ Starter –  $25/user/month/billed annually
  • Lightning Professional – $75/user/month/billed annually
  • Lightning Enterprise – $150/user/month/billed annually
  • Lightning Unlimited – $300/user/month/billed annually

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Dynamics CRM Overview

Dynamics - SugarRM Alternatives

Microsoft Dynamics takes its place of honor in our digest of SugarCRM alternatives. This CRM works great with enterprises. Besides the improved interface, the platform is popular for Outlook email client that helps you integrate the email into CRM more extensively than any other software. Also, the solution comprises the following features:

- Opportunity Management

- Cross-channel Services

- Marketing Resource Management

- Social Listening

- Social Selling

Microsoft Dynamics Pricing 

  • Professional - $50/user/month (for existing Office 365 Plan E3 or higher customers)
  • Professional - $65/user/month
  • Sales Productivity - $85/user/month

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Zoho CRM Overview

Zoho - SugarCRM Alternatives

Zoho CRM attracts small and mid-sized companies. The platform enables you with the efficient engagement of the potential customers by using the lead management and advanced web-forms. You can take advantage of the comprehensive reporting tools for measuring the effectiveness of the business process and employees’ performance, as well as consider:

- Marketing Automation

- Opportunity Management

- Gamification Sales

- Social CRM

- CRM Customization

Zoho CRM Pricing

  • Free up to 10 users;
  • Standard – $12 user/month/billed annually;
  • Professional – $20 user/month/billed annually;
  • Enterprise – $35 user/month/billed annually;
  • Ultimate – $100 user/month/billed annually.

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Close.io CRM Overview

Close.io - SugarCRM Alternatives

In case you had never considered Close.io to be one of wothty SugarCRM alternatives, you were sadly mistaken. Close.io is designed for the organizations of small and medium sizes. The solution focuses on phone integration, as well as presents automated call tracking and recording, toll-free phone numbers and voice mail drop. Besides, this CRM stands out for:

- 2-way Email Integration

- Contacts Management

- APi Access

- Leads Management

- Bulk Email Sending

Close.io Pricing

  • Basic - $59/user/month/billed annually
  • Professional - $99/user/month/billed annually
  • Business - $149/user/month/billed annually

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Pipedrive Overview

Pipedrive - SugarCRM alternatives

Have you think that Pipedrive could be one of SugarCRM alternatives? Pipedrive fits the demands of small organizations. The solution offers you the lead tracking, efficient analytic tools and the sales pipeline stages of the prospects flow. Build with the sales team in mind, the platform enables you with the practical features such as:   

- Timeline View

- Sales Dashboard

- Google Apps Integration

- Full Customization

- Pipeline Metrics

Pipedrive Pricing

  • Silver: $10/user/month/billed annually
  • Gold: $24/user/month/billed annually
  • Platinum: $63/user/month/billed annually

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Capsule CRM Overview

Capsule CRM - SugarCRM Alternatives

Capsule satisfies the needs of small businesses. The solution includes the beneficial features like duplicate management tools, and tagging functionality to avoid the potential dupes and achieve the CRM flexibility. Together with the efficient sales pipeline management, the platform includes:

- Contact View

- Easy Collaboration

- Mobile App

- Data Security

- Categorize Contacts

Capsule Pricing

  • Free up to 2 users;
  • Professional -  $12/user/month

Now, when you investigated the main SugarCRM alternatives and made up your mind migrating to one of the above-mentioned platforms, follow the next steps to perform the data import effortlessly.  

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Get Ready For a CRM Transfer

Before running the migration from SugarCRM, take into the consideration the next suggestions:

  • use CRM switch as an opportunity to clean out the records and make data arrangements. So, make the CRM transition smooth by deleting the outdated and unnecessary information like expired orders, etc.;

  • prepare a backup to avoid any data losses;

  • investigate the right migration tool to perform the fast and accurate switch. IIn this case, you can take an advantage of an automated migration service Trujay and benefit from:

  1. security regulations that guarantee to treat the information privately;   
  2. users and fields mapping that enables your with moving the records in accordance with your organization demands;
  3. free Demo Migration that provides you with an ability to observe a test run;
  4. uptime of the current and future CRMs that excludes any interruptions of the existing workflows.
  • launch a test import version to see the migration service in action, as well as observe the capabilities of the future platform;

  • get your employees on board before the software adoption starts. Have the management talk about the new system and its advantages. Let your colleges get acquainted with the core features and understand the specific functionality of the desired CRM.

SugarCRM Data Import in 4 Simple Steps

When all preparation steps are behind, you can complete the following actions for the  flawless data transition:

  1. provide the access credentials for the existing and future CRMs;
  2. choose the modules you want to transfer, as well as map the fields and users;
  3. run a free Demo Migration to investigate if the service functions properly;
  4. press on Start Full Migration to complete the data import.

Activities after CRM Transition

When the hardest steps of migration are over, consider the several dos for successful CRM implementation and configuration:

  • make sure all CRM records together with relations are migrated in the right way
  • set the personalized workflow rules to monitor the performance of your organization
  • make improvements by constantly evaluating your processes for better software adaptation and elaboration
  • create the standard and custom filters for reporting options
  • equip your employees with the all required information and tutorials about the new CRM.

Cut to the Chase

By and large, all the SugarCRM alternatives that are represented in the article can help you find the right platform to fit your business process and achieve the desired objectives. Besides, you can contact our account manager for more information on CRM systems and the process of data import.

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