SugarCRM Alternatives: Rigid Tips for Trouble Choosing

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SugarCRM Alternatives: Rigid Tips for Trouble Choosing

Regardless of the size and industry companies work in, they use CRM software for facilitation rapid exchanges, manual processes and building far-reaching relationships with customers. Some solutions are robust and reputable while others have comprehensive navigation and easy in usage. SugarCRM is a well-known CRM in the business world that continues to grow its popularity. Thus, some companies are looking for SugarCRM Alternatives that will align with short-term goals and ultimate objectives.

Cases for SugarCRM Migration

Currently, many companies will confirm that SugarCRM proofs its reputation of a standalone and full-featured solution. Besides, it offers a range of various options for dealing with your increasing workload. Despite the effective data administration and complex processes performance, there is a checklist of major reasons that spur business for a CRM change.

    1. Tight long-term contracts and obligatory fees
    2. Dropping user adoption rates and need in additional staff training
    3. Number of tools that are hardly ever used by employees
    4. The shift of business strategy that requires modifications of performance and tools
    5. High expenses on hardware and on-premise system maintenance


List of Workable SugarCRM Alternatives

With the aim to stay competitive, many businesses experience trouble choosing the suitable CRM instead of the existing. Of course, the CRM industry enables a wide choice of options. Among the beneficial variants for SugarCRM substitution, you can find Salesforce, Bitrix24, Zoho and Insightly. But when you consider investing in a new CRM, you should see what these systems can do.



Salesforce: Looking Forward to Increased Sales


It is a well-known fact that Salesforce is on the top positions in the list of effective and most used solutions. SaaS provides its users with multi-channel marketing and support service, as well as customer segmentation for more customized products. Yet, the greater focus is placed on the sales performance. Apart from sales automation, you have inside sales console, forecasting, and collaboration. Besides, workflow aids in follow-ups sending out and performance management. Also, there is a great Appexchange store to empower Salesforce with desired features.

Both Salesforce and SugarCRM have a shared feature of an annual contract. But the subscription fees start from $25 user/month.

Grow Your Prolific Business with Bitrix24


Bitrix24 is a standalone solution with characteristics of dedicated system for establishing all company processes. Apart from baseline processes and daily routine automation, this platform organizes your customers and companies data. The in-house social network puts the employee collaboration on a new level. Your sales managers can make phone and video calls directly via Bitrix24. Additionally, you have customization scope for tailoring the solution for your needs, and extended analytics for measuring the efficiency.

The peculiar feature is a free plan for 12 users and 3 paid editions that cost $39/month, $99/month  $199/month without user limitation. Also, there is a discount -10% of the price.


Hubspot CRM for Better Way to Grow


The platform suits well to provide the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. It is one of the most used CRM systems because of its ease of use that makes HubSpot a great solution for novice users. You can start working on the platform quickly, without long-term training. The solution enables you to log company records automatically and associate contacts, customize the database according, create email templates and schedule messages to customers, make calls and set up reminders, integrate with HubSpot Marketing, an additional product with expanded sales management capabilities. Also, Hubspot is a certified, leading partner of Google, so the solution has advanced integration possibilities.

As for the price issue of Hubspot, it is 100% freeware platform. But as usual, you will have to pay for additional features to empower Sales or Management teams.

Organize Your Data and Expand Audience with Infusionsoft


Infusionsoft is a platform for small and mid-sized businesses. It helps to coordinate the tasks to avoid managing it manually. Also, it enables you to automate sales and marketing, get messaging throughout all your businesses and to assure improved customer experiences, boost your high-grade reputation among prospects and customers, and provide accurate and efficient service, ensure your sales team performance and eliminate needless sales activities. Note that all the data is completely secured according to the latest safety standards. The CRM also has great integration possibilities to connect you easily with leads by email, SM, or offline channels. Besides, you won’t need to use 3rd party online systems for sales since Infusionsoft already has built-in all the needed e-commerce tools you need.

Infusionsoft pricing starts at $99/month and depends on the number of contacts. Anyway, you will get 1 user account, contact management, marketing automation, unlimited emails. The additional functions like sales pipeline and e-commerce will cost additionally.


Cut to the Chase


As you can see, there is a number of effective and powerful SugarCRM Alternatives. Obviously, each of them has strong sides and slight drawbacks. In case, you want to migrate from SugarCRM or switch your data to Salesforce, Bitrix24, Hubspot CRM or Infusionsoft, you may use the automated service Trujay. There is no need for coding, having specific knowledge or manual import.

Switch your data from CRM, CSV, Excel or Gsuite to the chosen platform by running a free and secure Demo Migration and see if it works for you.



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