SugarCRM Customer Segmentation: Putting Everything to Rights

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SugarCRM Customer Segmentation: Putting Everything to Rights

Someone said that an average medieval person received so much information in the course of a lifetime as a modern one did in a day. And while speaking about an individual who is involved in the process of customer relationship management, you’ve got to feel for theirs. A dime a dozen of clients data, product and services diversity, multiple management procedures; undoubtedly all these require a diligent organization and accomplished interaction among company departments. The strengthening of long-lasting customer relationships become more important than ever before.

In this peculiar case, CRM platform is what you are looking for. You know, it will help you to be productive and proactive to your clients, meet their demands, and monitor the development of interests through insights. To succeed with your sales and marketing campaigns, you need to accept the fact that the average customer doesn’t exist anymore. Nowadays client’s base consists of different people with various needs, diverse requirements, behavioral patterns and buying potentials.

Curving a Custom-Tailored Approach or How to Be On the Same Wavelength

At first sight, it seems so simple to find a common language with a customer - you just need to match a product or service with a client. But it’s rather difficult to find the one-size solution for creating business relations. In this case, CRM platform enables you to prioritize your customers and use an intuitive segmentation.

Before splitting your client's data into various CRM platform fields, let’s draw the parallels of a so-called customers typology. With the centralized and regularly updating data, you can analyze customer’s need, attitudes, behavior, and perceptions and classify the segments respectively to the critical characteristics. One of the most wide-spread classifications of the customers according to a business situation. It consists of the following types:

  • Reliable partner increases your revenue on a regular basis.
  • Discount seeker always looks for a lower price or some extra offers.
  • Offhand visitor requires undivided attention and a wide range of offered products.
  • Pilgrim is the less profitable type of customers. This client has no definite purpose of buying a product or service.
  • Bench-sitter isn’t interested in email campaigns you can engage this customer to buy your product only through dialogue.

While considering the technical aspects of CRM platform that allows you to cope with all types of clients, we should make clear the segmentation functionality of SugarCRM.

SugarCRM, Way of Customer Segmentation

In general, SugarCRM allows to segment clients data into separate modules that may include various extra fields. All of them might be customized and edited respectfully. To organize the segmentation, Sugar uses its reporting facilities. In this CRM platform reports may be put into action in the following way:

Picture of Client

You can monitor your customers accordingly to their geographic arrangement, type of industry, size of a company, or any other attributes. In this way, you’ll be able to cover all the client's criteria separating them into peculiar targeted groups.

Leads Management

With SugarCRM, you may segment leads accordingly to their contact details. For instance, there might be leads with the emails only or phone numbers. So to optimize marketing campaign, the clients should be segmented specifically.

Precise Email Delivery

To meet the requirements of bench-sitter customers (those who are not interested in your email campaign) make sure you have excluded them from the newsletter list. SugarCRM report comprises the feature of automated email scheduling and results tracking.

Drawing up a Bottom Line

As you can see, the customer segmentation plays increasingly sufficient role in successful and profitable marketing. With SugarCRM platform, you can set the criteria for differentiation your clients’ base. The cost-benefited performance and prioritizing of the sales and opportunities forces build the solid ground for the innovative and wise targeted marketing. The data insight abilities of your current CRM go apart with your requirements, maybe it is high time to think about switching to SugarCRM. There is a fast and accurate way to move your data with Trujay. This online service can migrate your CRM data automatedly, accurately and effortlessly.

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