SugarCRM Migration: Upgrade Your Business with Efficient CRM

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SugarCRM Migration: Upgrade Your Business with Efficient CRM

The competitive business environment induces CRM industry to constant improvements. As a result, many companies try to keep up with the functional and technological opportunities and move CRM data to more advanced solutions. A number of organizations want to expand business possibilities with CRM customization and configuration options and migrate to SugarCRM. Before exploring the steps of SugarCRM transition, check out the main advantages of the platform.

SugarCRM Features: Guide to Remarkable Benefits

Designed for the companies of all sizes, SugarCRM offers the flexible and compelling capabilities to maintain the more profitable customer relationships:

Easy Set-Up and Administration:

  • Pre-built dashboards that can be customized in accordance with the business processes and provide the real-time data about company performance;

  • Access Control lets the particular information to be shared or restricted based on the user credentials.

Sales Force Automation

  • Dashboard includes a single-view of the essential statistics about sales processes like pipeline by stage and month, as well as opportunity by outcome;

  • Summary view of the future appointments, open cases, significant opportunities, open tasks, monthly calendar, etc.

Track Sales Opportunities

  • Sort and filter the contacts and sales opportunities with views to observe only the relevant data;

  • Track the essential records like probability of closing or expected close date to forecast the sales with confidence;

  • Provide product or service and price information related to your opportunities that can help you determine the future revenue stream.

Customer Service Tracking  

  • Calls, meetings, tasks, notes with an option for file attachments and emails are included in the detailed activity history. Besides, they are tracked for each contact, case, lead, and opportunity;

  • Case management lets you monitor the clients’ issues and resolutions.

Advanced Analytical Tools

  • Reports enable you with tracking the status of sales efforts, prioritize the tasks, and offer the insights to improve your business processes;

  • The customized data reporting allows you to filter and summarize records about contacts and opportunities. For instance: run a report to see the sales forecast for the next quota based on leads and opportunities.

Corporate Calendar  

  • Use the calendar view (by day, week, month or year) of all activities together with the associated task list.

  • Share calendars with other users to avoid the scheduling issues.

Price Matter

SugarCRM includes 3 paid subscriptions:

  • Professional Edition - $40/user/month - offers an upgraded user interface, Sugar Mobile, sales automation, and forecasting.

  • Enterprise Edition - $65/user/month - provides features like Offline Client and Enterprise Reporting, advanced workflow and product level quotes.

  • Unlimited Edition - $150/user/month - extends upon the prior editions with more memory, 24/7 customer support, and different professional services programs.

As you can see, SugarCRM functionality can facilitate the team requirements and automate your business processes. If you are satisfied with the benefits mentioned above, then the migration to SugarCRM will be a wise move for improving the company effectiveness.

How to Perform CRM Migration Smoothly?

Considering the fact that manual data import can be a complicated and time-consuming task, many companies tend to migrate automatically. Trujay offers a swift and direct way of data transfer, excluding any copy/pasting or programming skills. The service offers you to take advantage of:

  • Eliminating the possibility of any data loss. The SaaS guarantees information security and provides you with the opportunity to sign Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA).

  • Mapping the fields in accordance with your company requirements. The service enables you with getting a total control of modules mapping.

  • Users mapping helps you assign the data of the current solution to the selected user of the future CRM.

  • Excluding any business interruptions during the data migration and assuring an uptime for both CRMs.

  • Running a free Demo Migration to check the service in action. The SaaS transfers the limited amount of records together with relations between the items.

  • Filtering and deleting the copies of data easily with deduplication feature.

SugarCRM Migration: Quick Instructions

Follow 4 simple steps to migrate to SugarCRM:

  1. Provide the access credentials for your existing CRM platform and SugarCRM.
  2. Select the modules you want to transfer and map the fields.
  3. Launch a free Demo Migration to explore if the service functions in a properly.
  4. Click on Start Full Migration to complete the data import.

Let’s talk about how we can work together.

Bottom Line

Migration to SugarCRM is a great chance to uncover the new possibilities for your business development. With the variety of customization and configuration options, you can set up the efficient company processes and put your team on the right track.

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