SugarCRM to OroCRM Migration in 5 Simple Steps [+Video]

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SugarCRM to OroCRM Migration in 5 Simple Steps [+Video]

So, you eventually decided to migrate your CRM data from SugarCRM to OroCRM – not an easy trick, doubtless. Generally, there are a few possible ways of CRM data migration. In a nutshell, whether you are a CRM expert or a person without programming skills, you would be searching for the switch that would be secure, accurate and fast.

OroCRM_right_your_size_solutionThe most common ways of SugarCRM to OroCRM Migration are the following:

  • CSV/Excel Export/Import

This method includes CSV/Excel export from your current CRM and import to the new one. Such way of transfer may take you lots of time, and there is always risk to lose some items.

  • Expert Assistance

You may hire an expert that will perform the CRM migration for you. This is more reliable way of SugarCRM to OroCRM migration, but on the other hand it also takes good deal of time and money.

  • Automated Migration

Also, there is one more alternative way of SugarCRM to OroCRM transfer that you should take into consideration. This is an automated migration performed by Trujay service. It allows to migrate leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, tasks, and preserve relations at your new OroCRM platform.

So, let’s take a closer look at this solution and find out how to perform migration from SugarCRM to OroCRM in 5 simple steps.

Video-Guide About SugarCRM to OroCRM Migration with Trujay

Migrate from SugarCRM to OroCRM Automatedly

#1. Register your Trujay account

Go to at and create your account. The only data required is your username, email and password.


#2. Point out SugarCRM Details

Select CRM platform type, then provide your SugarCRM access details (login and password).


#3. Provide Your OroCRM Details

Provide OroCRM URL, login and access key. You may find out your access key going to your dashboard -> “My User.” Simply copy it and paste in the corresponding field in the migration wizard.

#4. Select Migration Options and Run Demo Migration

Trujay migrates accounts, leads, opportunities, contacts, tasks, and relations to OroCRM. To check up the transfer procedure in action, you may run free Demo Migration. Trujay will move up to 10 items directly to OroCRM, and in minutes you’ll be able to take a look the result.

#5. Start Full SugarCRM to OroCRM Migration

Don’t lose your chance – start full SugarCRM switch right now.

So, now you know all the details for successful and automated SugarCRM migration. Don’t hesitate anymore!Catch your chance and take the new plane with your OroCRM.

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