SugarCRM to Salesforce: Tutorial for The Great Migration [Prezi]

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SugarCRM to Salesforce: Tutorial for The Great Migration [Prezi]

SugarCRM to Salesforce: Tutorial for The Great Migration [Prezi]

They say, if you care a lot about brands, you end up paying much more than the thing is really worth for the sake of the name on the label. Salesforce, one of the pioneers of the CRM market and one of the most widely known CRM software, has become a brand as well. It is frequently accused of using the brand name as the excuse for the high price. However, in the business world hardly anyone would be paying extra money solely to be able to proudly mention the brand of the essential work too they’re using, wouldn’t they?

All that matters here is get the work done efficiently and save employees’ time. This is where Salesforce excels and this is what makes it one of the most desired CRMs out there. So, if you caught yourself thinking about Salesforce as the answer to your growing business needs which your current SugarCRM cannot handle, time to take a deeper look into it.

So, What You Get If You Switch from SugarCRM to Salesforce?

  1. Make calls within the CRM - it includes dialler, apart from contact management, marketing, sales to customer service, project management, etc. So you can easily make calls within the system with no need to use other software outside.
  2. Ease of use - it is made to be a real helper from the start, instead of taking weeks to master the CRM before you can get down to work. Even if you find yourself wondering about a thing or two, a number of walkthroughs, video tutorials and online resources help you out in a snap.
  3. Customizable interface for each user - whether a sales rep, marketer or company director - you’ll be able to make your dashboard maximally convenient using tabs and shortcuts to quickly access the necessary tools.
  4. “Social network’ inside - called Chatter. It is the tool for communication within the company, where you can also organize knowledge base for employees, follow important clients and get in touch with individuals or employee groups at once - everything to facilitate the business processes in the company.
  5. Extendable - in spite of the fact that Salesforce is frequently accused of being not as customizable as SugarCRM is, it does provide lots of space for special needs. Its AppExchange marketplace presents numerous add-ons for extra features you might require.

SugarCRM to Salesforce Migration [Prezi]

Sounds like this CRM is right what you need or interesting enough to give it a test drive? It’s easy to do with Salesforce 30 days free trial. Already decided to move over from SugarCRM to Salesforce? It’s quite simple to do - following the Prezi tutorial below.

Trujay migration service is here for you to handle the data migration from SugarCRM to Salesforce in the shortest possible time, securely and accurately. Don’t put off this task, set up the free and quick Demo migration now to see how easy the data move is.

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