SugarCRM vs Vtiger: Analyzing Facilities

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SugarCRM vs Vtiger: Analyzing Facilities

In the dynamic world of business development, customer relationship management (CRM) platform is an indispensable instrument that harmonizes communication channels between both its users and clients. Being a unified solution for building company-customer bridges, CRM brings a plethora of opportunities and set of options to manage contacts, clients, sales leads, marketing campaigns and many other processes.

When you deliberate the choice of your future CRM platform, you should realize that this instrument is not just software that accelerates your business processes within departments, CRM allows you to take into consideration the cultural nuances of the clients, identify customers behavior, designate your target audience. Generally, CRM might be distinguished like a next-level business culture.

Obviously, selection of future CRM is not an easy thing. To be more specific and narrow the circle of multiple choices, we compare SugarCRM vs Vtiger. Both of them are at affordable prices and possess robust features. So, let’s scrutinize a few essential aspects of these CRMs.

SugarCRM vs Vtiger Working Scale

From the perspective of company size, you should know that these two CRMs are developed for small and middle size businesses. In most cases, SugarCRM is driven for larger enterprises where the number of members counts up approximately from  30-50 users. For small enterprises or startups, this solution might be less beneficial as far as SugarCRM is more customizable for complex company requirements.

Vtiger is designed for small and mid-size companies that include up from 10 members. It requires minimum technical knowledge, and even an average user may hunt down all the necessary features. You won’t have to set a cap at some dedicated person who should handle the implementation and installation processes.

Measuring User-Friendly Interface

In general, CRM dashboard includes the idea of a unified database with transparent operations for all the departments. Both SugarCRM and Vtiger users may have peculiar roles for managing various dashboards. This might be explained by the fact that Vtiger is a fork of SugarCRM and has adopted various similar features. Apart from user roles management, you may analyze all the data in the form of colorful graphs, lines.

Traditionally, both SugarCRM and Vtiger dashboards allow you to monitor sales funnel, leads, opportunities and their status. However, Vtiger interface looks more up-to-date and loads faster while comparing to SugarCRM.

Workflows And Reporting

To streamline all the business procedures, creating a workflow is the optimal solution. This feature allows to manage and deliver tasks to the right people, at the right time. Vtiger vs SugarCRM allow creating multiple workflows assigning to them specific conditions and tasks to accomplish business process to the fine fashion.

While speaking about reporting, you should picture that during the customer life-cycle a lot of data is gathered in your CRM system, that’s why a good reporting system that filters all the information is the necessity. Generally, it is considered that Vtiger possesses more user-friendly and diligent reporting system in contrast to SugarCRM.

All in all, both Vtiger and SugarCRM are in the highlight. Trying the demo versions you may distinguish which one is the only solution for your company. Take into account the budget you are ready to spend on CRM and gameness of your employees.

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