SugarCRM Workflow Or How to Turn Leads into Profits

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SugarCRM Workflow Or How to Turn Leads into Profits

The primary benefit of using CRM system is the facility to automate every business process. And SugarCRM is considered to be the ingenious instrument that creates the favorable environment for building a company-customer relationship. Initially launched in 2004 SugarCRM has come a long way from the startup version to professional, flexible and multifunctional software for companies of all sizes. Possessing modular architecture, SugarCRM turns to be the comprehensive instrument for every business department, including sales, marketing, support, etc. One of the essential features of SugarCRM is the workflow automation.

Workflow Headnote

In plain words, SugarCRM workflow is the intuitive user interface that excludes various manual operations. The major concept of it is, to turn leads into regular clients or at least source of profit. SugarCRM workflows might be of different complexity depending on the user needs. Technically, we may differentiate average basic options and more advanced ones.

SugarCRM Workflow Inside-Out

Workflow is made up of triggers and actions. In its turn, triggers are some special conditions that should be met in order to fire the workflow. SugarCRM workflow actions are actually the processes you make to lead or other objects.

Traditional Vision of SugarCRM Workflow

Usually, SugarCRM users implement workflow to send automated emails (as a rule they are sent after registration, to confirm some activity, etc.). Apart from this, using a workflow, you may schedule meetings, calls, or events. You may assign a lead to your team member, another department or some group of people, for instance, to the whole sales department.

Workflow of Next Level

When a lead has reflected on your follow-ups or any other processes from the core workflow actions, it means that you should create another workflow or in other words, launch the new set of actions to turn your lead into an opportunity. Also, with the help of workflow, you may receive an alert on every change that is made to the lead data, so you’ll be able to monitor all the customer updates.

To Sum Up

As we may see, there are different kind of possibilities to use workflow in SugarCRM and to turn the leads into new clients. With SugarCRM workflow, your employees will have the opportunity to do what they do in the best way – selling your business products or spend less time in the daily routine tasks of sending emails and structuring follow-up actions.

Now you know how many useful things SugarCRM workflow offers to you. So, don’t wait up! Register your Trujay account and move your CRM data from to SugarCRM right now.

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