SuiteCRM to HubSpot CRM Migration: a Prudent Step To Gain Business Productivity

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SuiteCRM to HubSpot CRM Migration: a Prudent Step To Gain Business Productivity

The role of CRM systems has completely changed the business environment since its appearance. Today’s platforms are inalienable to enhance customer service, boost sales and stay competitive. However, the constant innovations induce some companies to feel the lack of CRM functionality and overinvestment in the software.

As a result, the organizations start looking for a game-changer solutions and move their data to more advanced ones. So, let’s take SuiteCRM to HubSpot CRM Migration as an example, compare the main capabilities of the systems and explore the essential steps of the data transition.

SuiteCRM vs HubSpot CRM: Reliable Option for Business Progress

Both platforms attract the small and mid-sized organizations, as well as facilitate the company processes and team performance with the following features:

  • SuiteCRM is an open source solution that was forked from SugarCRM. The system offers the sales, marketing, and support automation choices. In this way, your sales team can focus on the closing deals, not the low-value administrative tasks. Produce the templated quotations, make sure the contract renewals are always serviced, and every lead is followed up quickly. Besides, SuiteCRM offers you to take advantage of social CRM functionality and marketing campaigns management. The platform obtains the following subscriptions:
  1. SuiteCRM On-Site is free and can be easily installed on your own server;
  2. SuiteCRM On-Demand includes the single fee $10 user/month for all editions:
  • Sales designed exclusively for sales management;
  • Service developed to provide the excellent customer support
  • Max is the full package of services that supports the full lifecycle of your client
  • HubSpot CRM is an easy and intuitive solution that helps you manage emails, calls, website visits and notes in a simple way. Never let an important deal to fall through the cracks by efficiently assigning tasks and tracking progress in your dashboards. Turn your most repetitive sales emails into templates that you can personalize, optimize, and share with the employees. Besides, you can integrate with the Sidekick extension and receive the real-time notifications while the leads are engaging with your company. As to the price matter, for now, HubSpot is absolutely free without limitations.

As you can see, HubSpot CRM wins a rivalry over SuiteCRM in terms of costs and simplicity. Besides, you can take a look at the chart from Google Trends and find out that HubSpot have gained more popularity for the past years:

So, if you are searching for a lightweight solution with the efficient capabilities at the affordable price, then migration from SuiteCRM to HubSpot CRM is your way out.

CRM Data Migration: Effective Step to Business Enhancement

The process of data import can be a difficult task, and certain challenges can be time-consuming. To avoid these insufficiencies, you should start the procedure of data import from choosing a right migration tool. In this case, you can take advantage of an automated migration service Trujay and benefit from the next advantages:

  • the service treats the CRM information privately and excludes the possibility of any data loss. You can also sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
  • the SaaS guarantees the 100% uptime of both CRMs and excludes any interruptions of business processes during migration.
  • an automated tool provides you with the fields and users mapping. You are able to map the items on your own in accordance with your company requirements.
  • the solution offers you to test the service in action and run a free Demo Migration. Trujay moves the limited amount of records together with relations between them.

Pivotal Arrangements for Data Transition

After you choose the migration tool to perform the successful transfer, there are a few more activities to take before initiating any migration:

  • Improve the Condition of Your Records. Refine and analyze the CRM items, delete the copies of data and fill in the empty fields where is possible.
  • Run a Backup. Prepare the backup for preventing the files damaging or loss, as well as keep it when migration is over.
  • Announce the Team about the Transfer. Notify the employees about an upcoming change and provide with the required tutorials.

Migrate from SuiteCRM to HubSpot CRM Smoothly

When the preparation steps are accomplished successfully, consider the following activities to perform the data import effortlessly:

1. Register your account at and provide the required info.


2. Choose the SuiteCRM from the drop-down box. Specify the URL, username, and password.

Select HubSpot CRM and provide your email, password, and hub ID.

3. Check the boxes to activate the modules you want to migrate, map the fields and start a free Demo Migration.

4. If you are satisfied with Demo results, you can proceed the SuiteCRM to HubSpot CRM migration.

Essential Activities after the Transfer

Since the hardest part is over, you can take a few more steps for successful HubSpot implementation and configuration:

  • explore if all CRM items migrated to the right places;
  • build the personalized workflow rules;
  • set up the specific filters for analytics;
  • continue to equip your employees with the required tutorials and training.

Bottom Line

The decision of switching your CRM is critical, as well as requires the time and efforts for preparing the organization, employees, and budget. That’s why it is important to build a workable plan for the SuiteCRM to HubSpot CRM migration and set up the clear goals for the future.

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