Sure-Fire Guidelines of Zoho to Solve360 Migration

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Sure-Fire Guidelines of Zoho to Solve360 Migration

Customer demands and businesses requirements to the CRM solutions grow side-by-side. Such a competitive atmosphere cultivates the desire for more practical and effective system at a budget-friendly price. Recently, cloud solutions have drawn the attention of small and mid-sized business owners. Among the popular CRM, you will find Zoho and Solve360. These CRM differ in the feature sets and pricing. However, each solution has its loyal users.


Zoho vs Solve360: Perspective Choice

Being a well-known social CRM, Zoho offers numerous tools for customer-facing processes enhancement. Thus, Solve360 doesn’t hang behind and provides a competitive toolset for an affordable fee. The following options give point in favour and spur vendors to migrate from Zoho to Solve360.

  • Customizable database with the key modules contact, companies and projects allow you to keep track of all activities in the company
  • Workflow and report builder for distribution the company workload and measuring the effectiveness of employee performance and revenue calculation
  • Various custom fields and tag option for a full customer view and a fast search within database
  • Solve360 offers you a scope for integration with the open API, user-friendly and multi-language UI

Looks like the migration from Zoho to Solve360 may be a step for improving your business? Then you should consider preparations for a CRM data transfer.

Setting Up Data for A Switch

The outdated and dirty legacy data will restrict your new CRM from showing its abilities. So, you should check up your data for copies, missing fields and irrelevant records. The next critical step is the backup of your information for preventing any file losses or damages.

Prevalence of An Automated Migration

Data import via CSV files is quite lasting and heavy-manual while programming requires coding skills and considerable time for writing and migration accomplishment. However, you may use the automated service Trujay and switch your records directly from Zoho to Solve360 in a direct and secure way. There is no side interference, system downtime or coding.

Check out This Tutorial and Switch from Zoho to Solve360 in Few Steps

Zoho to Solve360: Switch in 6 Straightforward Actions

Step 1. Register An Account.

Go to and sign up.


Step 2. Define Your Current CRM and Future CRM

Provide your Zoho URL, email and password.

After that,  define your Solve360 URL, email and API token.

Step 3. Select Migration Options

Choose CRM modules you want to move, map the fields and set up a free Demo Migration.

Step 4. Start Your Full Zoho to Solve360 Migration

In case, you are satisfied with the demo results, you may set up your full CRM data migration.

Data migration is complex and lasting process, but with the automated service Trujay you will spare your efforts and expenses. So, don’t play for time and start a free demo switch to evaluate the web-based solution in progress or just request a demo migration to see how we handle the transfer of custom fields, modules, and other data.


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